KENYA— In a raid on illegal pharmacy businesses, the Pharmacy and Poisons Board has announced the arrest of 129 persons and the closure of their premises.

This procedure was carried out to ensure the safety and integrity of medications, which is critical to public health.

The Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB) and the National Police Service worked together to seize more than 200 boxes of illegal pharmaceuticals.

The operation, which began on January 29, took place in Nairobi, the South Rift, and the Western regions.

This crackdown targeted illegal pharmaceutical facilities and chemists who distributed unlicensed drugs, posing major hazards to public health due to a lack of safety and efficacy guarantees.

The operation by the PPB, the National Drug Regulatory Authority under the Ministry of Health, aimed to enforce regulatory standards, ensure public safety and curb unlawful practices in the pharmaceutical sector.

Those apprehended will be prosecuted for possessing Part I poisons while not being an authorized supplier of poisons, in violation of section 26(1)(b) as read with section 26(2) of the Pharmacy and Poisons Act.

They are also charged with conducting pharmaceutical technologist business in non-PPB-registered premises and operating a pharmacist business without the presence of a registered pharmacist on the premises.

Kaluai Julius, Head of Enforcement and Surveillance at PPB, stressed the board’s commitment to preventing illegal acts in the pharmaceutical sector.

He emphasized the significance of confirming the validity of pharmaceutical companies and warned the public against buying drugs from unlicensed sources.

Healthcare establishments that handle pharmaceuticals should apply online for pharmaceutical waste disposal or contact PPB regional officials for assistance.

He went on to warn the public to double-check the registration information of pharmacists in the community, hospitals, and other drug dispensing institutions.

Kaluai also encouraged pharmaceutical practitioners to analyze and update pharmaceutical shipping systems in order to improve efficiency and reliability.

This successful operation demonstrates PPB’s commitment to upholding the integrity of the pharmaceutical business and preserving people’s well-being.

It also emphasizes the need for coordinated efforts to maintain regulatory standards and protect public health.

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