KENYA—AAR Hospital has unveiled cutting-edge technology to address the issue of Kenyans seeking medical attention abroad, aligning with Kenya’s ambition to become a medical tourism hub.

Aysha Edwards, CEO of AAR Hospital, and AAR Hospital board member Jaqueline Kitulu were present for the unveiling.

The advanced equipment comprises anaesthesia machines, a laparoscopic tower, an endoscopic tower, and innovative blood and cell technologies for the precise treatment of diseases like sickle cell disease.

Laparoscopy, a diagnostic method for abdominal and pelvic illnesses, plays a crucial role in medical procedures such as organ removal or collecting tissue samples for biopsy.

Furthermore, a state-of-the-art CombiDiagnost R90 fluoroscopy machine, integrating remote-controlled fluoroscopy and digital radiography, was unveiled during the announcement.

AAR Hospital’s CEO, Aysha Edwards, emphasized the hospital’s commitment to empowering healthcare personnel through the integration of innovative machinery.

She highlighted the potential for preventive measures and care techniques, ultimately enhancing patient well-being and long-term health.

“We are trying to minimize the number of Kenyans leaving the country for medical tourism and strive for the government’s goal of making Kenya a medical tourism hub.” she noted

The collaboration between AAR Hospital and industry leaders such as Philips East Africa, GE East Africa, Mindary, Achelis, and Alkan underscores a shared vision to transform healthcare in East Africa.

This strategic alliance aims to elevate patient care, enhance diagnostic precision, and optimize treatment outcomes, showcasing the hospital’s commitment to delivering top-tier medical evaluations.

AAR Hospital board member Jaqueline Kitulu emphasized that the technological advancements would not only enhance diagnostic capabilities but also foster research and innovation.

This integration sets new standards for patient care across the country, aligning with the highest global standards, according to Kitulu.

AAR Hospital, a 140-bed general hospital with comprehensive medical services, encompasses theater services, critical care, diagnostics, endoscopy, medical-surgical services, emergency care, gynecology, dentistry services, and specialist clinics.

The hospital’s inpatient services cover surgery, medicine, paediatrics, and obstetrics and gynecology, with critical care facilities including an intensive care unit, high dependency unit, neonatal unit, and a dialysis facility serving both inpatient and outpatient patients.