UAE – The Emirate of Abu Dhabi has hosted leading luminaries from the world of bone marrow transplant and cellular therapy at the first edition of ADSCC Bone Marrow Transplant Cellular Therapy Congress.

Organised by Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Centre (ADSCC), the first-of-its-kind congress in the UAE supports the vision of ADSCC towards revolutionising healthcare globally through innovation.

It is important to note that Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Centre is a subsidiary of PureHealth, the largest integrated healthcare platform in the United Arab Emirates.

In a press release, Dr. Fatima Al Kaabi, Congress President, and Executive Director of Abu Dhabi Bone Marrow Transplant Programme (ADBMT) at ADSCC, said: “Grateful to the UAE leadership for their commitment to enhancing the healthcare sector in the country and fostering innovation in healthcare.”

During the congress, Dr Fatima Al Kaabi engaged with global experts to unpack advancements in the bone marrow transplantation field that promise to have long-lasting impact on the lives of patients in the UAE and globally.

She expressed her belief that the ADSCC Bone Marrow Transplant Cellular Therapy Congress 2023 is anticipated to lead to significant advancements in patient care and treatment outcomes around the world.

The congress comes as part of ADSCC mandate towards to wider medical community, offering them a platform to exchange knowledge and continue learning on global and local medical advancements,” outlined Dr. Fatima Al Kaabi.

Notably, the inagural event was an ideal opportunity for designated officials to showcase experiences and learnings from the Abu Dhabi Bone Marrow Transplant Programme of ADSCC.

The congress featured various sessions touching on the challenges in treating acute leukaemia, myeloid malignancies, the recent advancements in stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine, new perspectives in cancer immunotherapy, as well as the latest in cancer targeting.

Additionally, the congress featured two in-parallel educational tracks that served as an open platform for education and discovery, with a particular focus on uncovering ground-breaking treatments for diseases such as GVHD (Graft-versus-host disease) and musculoskeletal disorders.

Participants engaged in thought-provoking case studies and ground-breaking research including ongoing clinical trials for multiple sclerosis (MS) and diabetes, which are expected to drive progress and innovation in stem cell therapy and research.

Strikingly, the ADSCC Bone Marrow Transplant Cellular Therapy Congress 2023 saw the participation of over 60 leading expert physicians, researchers, and scientists from more than 15 countries around the world.

Renowned experts came together under a shared goal to drive innovation and collaboration in bone marrow transplant, cellular therapy, and regenerative medicine with more than 64 different scientific lectures and talks.

In his address, Dr. Yendry Ventura, CEO of ADSCC, stated: “The future unfolds with the promise of stem cell therapy, through unprecedented advancements in medicine and unlocking avenues for life-changing research.”

Following the success of the ADSCC Bone Marrow Transplant Cellular Therapy Congress 2023, ADSCC is gearing up to host the second edition of the event from October 26, 2024, until October 27, 2024.

This premier conference was officially graced by Mansour Al Mansouri, Chairman of the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DoH), and Farhan Malik, Chief Executive Officer of PureHealth.

The congress was also attended by top government officials, senior leadership from both PureHealth and ADSCC, and various officials from the UAE and regional healthcare sector.

Hosted by ADSCC, the event was officially graced by His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Vice President, Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Presidential Court.

The event presented a platform for Mansour bin Zayed to amplify the voices of five ADSCC patients including the first patient to receive the UAE’s first locally manufactured CAR-T Cells.

Additionally, it presented a unique opportunity to foster dialogue between His Highness and some of the congress international speakers and ADSCC physicians and scientists.

His Highness also reviewed the latest developments and achievements of the Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Cener and its future projects in stem cell therapies and regenerative medicine.

Mansour bin Zayed shed a light on the application of pancreatic cells in regeneration medicine and the use of brain stem cells to treat neurological diseases, with a special focus on multiple sclerosis.

His Highness further appreciated contributions made by the Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Centre team while stating that it reflects the unlimited support of the UAE’s leadership.

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