UAE – M42, a first-of-its-kind, tech-enabled, integrated healthcare company, has signed a partnership agreement with the Abu Dhabi-based advocacy agency Butterfly to promote inclusive healthcare services for people of determination (PoD).

As part of this agreement, M42 and Butterfly will co-develop transformative initiatives aimed at meeting the specific healthcare needs of people of determination in the United Arab Emirates.

It is a larger part of M42’s strategic objectives to expand access to quality healthcare services for all people and respond to the health needs of people of determination in the UAE.

Speaking on the new agreement, Hasan Jasem Al Nowais, Group Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of M42, said: “We are honored to sign this Memorandum of Understanding with the Butterfly. Together, we can foster a more inclusive ecosystem for people of determination in Abu Dhabi.”

This strategic collaboration has the potential to pave the way for care providers to foster the inclusion of people of determination in healthcare settings across the UAE.

Moreover, the collaboration will build on M42’s vision of fostering an inclusive environment that enables and empowers people of determination as well as promoting inclusivity and equal opportunities.

M42 intends to continue supporting the PoD community by developing various service lines and initiatives across different assets of Mubadala Health.

These programs and initiatives align with the global transition from a medical model to a social model approach, encompassing healthcare, social care, and education.

The inclusion of people of determination in all aspects of our society is a priority that is close to our hearts. They are an integral community that we care deeply about,” stated Hasan Jasem Al Nowais.

Through this collaboration, M42 becomes the first healthcare company to become a member of the Butterfly Inclusive Employment Ecosystem (IEE).

M42 will join hands with the Inclusive Employment Ecosystem to search for and secure employment and education opportunities for PoD.

Ultimately, M42 will partner with the IEE and UAE corporates to ensure people of determination and their families have lifelong access to rights, services, and opportunities.

Through this partnership, we aim to apply a socially integrated model where we can influence, collaborate, and support the social and educational ecosystems in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and lead the way for many entities to follow,” underscored Al Nowais.

It is in line with Butterfly’s goal of supporting parents with education placement issues and advocating for adults by searching for and securing employment through the IEE.

The IEE is a dedicated ecosystem that supports and guides corporations to increase inclusion, equality, and accessibility in their organization through the employment of PoD and by advocating for progressive policies that empower and safeguard them.

Commenting on joining the IEE, Al Nowais outlined: “M42 is pleased to join a growing community of support that will empower people of determination to seek better education, employment, and overall fulfillment in their lives.”

M42 will leverage G42 Healthcare’s unique medical and data-centric technologies with Mubadala Health’s world-class provision of care to support Butterfly’s advocacy efforts.

By integrating PoD and their families into the fabric of society, the strategic alliance aligns with the Abu Dhabi Strategy for People of Determination for the period up to 2024.

The scope of this collaboration is poised to contribute directly to the achievement of the strategy’s primary objective to transform Abu Dhabi into an inclusive and accessible city.

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