UAE – M42 has entered into a landmark partnership agreement with Siemens to lay the foundation for a solid digital health infrastructure in the United Arab Emirates.

In a joint statement, Helmut von Struve, the Chief Executive Officer of Siemens in the Middle East and the UAE, said: “We are proud to partner with M42. Together, we can develop a roadmap that will improve asset performance and enhance the comfort of patients and healthcare workers in their facilities.”

Helmut von Struve expressed his delight about the strategic alliance while pointing out that the partnership isn’t just about energy savings.

The partnership is about setting a new standard in the healthcare industry for sustainability and operational excellence,” outlined Helmut von Struve.

Through this partnership, Siemens and M42 have reiterated their commitment to discussing and developing a roadmap that will lead to the digitalization of M42’s infrastructure.

It establishes a mechanism to contribute to the enhancement of operational efficiency, improving patient comfort, and increasing the satisfaction of healthcare professionals, and staff at M42’s facilities.

In the pilot phase, the collaborative endeavour involves a comprehensive energy efficiency audit of the healthcare facilities operated by M42 across the UAE.

The energy efficiency audits will be specifically designed to identify opportunities for substantial energy savings and examine means for carbon emission reductions.

It is important to highlight that decarbonizing infrastructure is one part of M42’s two-fold approach to reducing its carbon footprint.

M42’s two-fold approach also includes using preventative tech-enabled health solutions to reduce the number of patients required to visit such energy-intensive facilities.

In his address, Mark McGourty, Group Chief Operating Officer of M42, commented: “At M42, we are leveraging cutting-edge tools like AI and genomics to treat people, not just patients, and focus on health, not just healthcare. Harnessing technology is only part of our strategy.”

Once operational, the newly signed pact will allow M42 to audit its health facilities for energy efficiency and explore the digitalization of the infrastructure.

This partnership comes after an audit report found that one of M42’s healthcare facilities could achieve significant savings in energy costs through heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) retrofits.

The audit report further advised on the integration of space management systems via Siemens Enlighted portfolio, which centralizes energy management into a building management system.

By joining forces, Siemens and M42 will leverage their collective strengths and share resources to boost energy efficiency across the UAE’s healthcare sector.

The partnership will leverage the Siemens Xcelerator platform, setting a new industry standard for healthcare sustainability.

Underlining the significance of this partnership, Mark McGourty said: “The healthcare sector’s carbon footprint is immense; if it were a country, it would rank as the fifth-largest emitter of greenhouse gases.”

He further urged other healthcare facilities to join M42 in the critical endeavor of decarbonizing operations, noting that it paves the way towards a more sustainable future for the health industry and a healthier planet.

On the matter of sustainability, Mark McGourty stated: “We are committed to decarbonizing our facilities to ensure we can sustainably continue to provide world-class care to those in need. Our collaboration with Siemens demonstrates our dedication to achieving net zero emissions by 2050.”

Notably, Siemens Xcelerator is an open digital business platform designed to accelerate digital transformation on a larger scale.

Building systems, automation software, and hardware that are part of Siemens Xcelerator allows operators to centralize control of thousands of data points.

These data points encompass energy supply, fire protection, HVAC, lighting and access controls, optimizing patient comfort, facility safety, and sustainability.

Leveraging integrated innovative technologies, M42 and Siemens are working closely to make a positive environmental and societal impact.

The implementation of Siemens’ energy-saving systems across M42’s portfolio of hospitals and clinics is anticipated to substantially reduce carbon emissions and increase operational efficiency.

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