UGANDA—Acibadem Healthcare Group, a leading medical entity in Turkey, has inaugurated its first information office in Kampala, marking the 61st of such establishment globally by the healthcare group.

The opening ceremony was attended by key representatives from Acibadem, including Mr. Ilyas Benveniste, the Director of International Business Development, and Dr. Jackson Ojera Abusu, Acibadem’s Country Representative in Uganda.

Other notable attendees included Turkey’s Ambassador to Uganda, His Excellency Mehmet Fatih Ak, Nasura Tiperu, Uganda’s Ambassador to Turkey, and Levent Serdar Dervişoğlu, Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Uganda in Istanbul.

 Speaking at the press conference, Benveniste highlighted the advanced services offered by Acibadem’s hospitals, emphasizing their state-of-the-art technology and skilled medical teams.

He elaborated on Acibadem’s ability to harness medical technology to deliver cutting-edge healthcare solutions.

Benveniste further noted that Acibadem has been able to serve patients worldwide through its international patient services and collaborations with leading healthcare institutions.

On his part, Dr. Ojera elaborated on the collaboration between Acibadem and Uganda, stating that Acibadem aims to support, supplement, and complement government efforts in healthcare service delivery.

“The collaboration will include, but not be limited to, referrals of patients and clients to Acibadem hospitals in Turkey, capacity development, and capacity enhancement of Ugandan health workers,” said Dr. Ojera.

 He also highlighted the importance of this initiative, saying, that the official opening of this office in Kampala is a significant achievement and milestone in anchoring the collaboration with Uganda.

Her Excellency Tiperu praised the initiative as a testament to Uganda’s growing attractiveness for foreign investment, stating that this office will serve not only Uganda but will also be a coordination point for the entire East African market.

With Uganda being selected as the first East African country to have state-of-the-art Acibadem hospital infrastructure, she further emphasized that this will increase collaboration in the area of training.

Ambassador Ak expressed optimism about future investments in Uganda and congratulated both the group and the Ugandan authorities for the opportunity to be part of Uganda’s healthcare landscape.

He acknowledged the potential of the collaboration, stating that this first step will bring professionals from Turkey to Uganda, and as long as there is significant potential, further investments will follow.

Reflecting confidence in Uganda’s investment environment, Dervişoğlu noted the broader implications of Acibadem’s entry into Uganda, saying that other investors from Turkey are likely to come to Uganda in the near future.

He elaborated on the mutual understanding required, stating, “Both countries have to be patient enough because now Turkish companies are trying to understand the mechanism.”

Dervişoğlu also mentioned that this investment shows confidence in the country, highlighting Uganda’s robust banking system, efficient loan mechanisms, and lack of language barriers.

Acibadem began its journey into healthcare services in 1991 as a small neighborhood hospital in a district of Istanbul, Turkey.

Today, Acibadem is a super brand that has become a global healthcare leader with its 24 hospitals, 14 outpatient clinics, and supporting service companies.

Additionally, Acibadem currently has 61 health point locations globally, in 33 countries and 57 cities. For hospitals and outpatient clinics, it currently has 39 locations in five countries: 24 hospitals and 15 outpatient clinics.

Acibadem’s rapid growth led to the signing of a joint partnership with IHH Healthcare in 2012, which enabled it to become part of the world’s second-largest healthcare chain.

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