UAE – Acino, a leading pharmaceutical company headquartered in Switzerland, is setting its sights on robust local growth and expansive exports from its state-of-the-art manufacturing hub located within Dubai Science Park. 

This strategic move marks a significant milestone in the company’s mission to fortify its presence in emerging markets, particularly in the Middle East and beyond, as articulated by Mansoor Meenai, Interim Head of Region, Middle East, Turkey, and Africa at Acino.

Established in 1836 near Basel, Switzerland, Acino underwent a transformative acquisition by the Abu Dhabi-based investment and holding powerhouse, ADQ, in 2022. 

The integration of operations from another local pharmaceutical entity, Pharmax, further bolstered Acino’s position, amalgamating European and global manufacturing expertise with indigenous knowledge and investment. 

Meenai clarified this synergy, highlighting the strategic impetus to escalate manufacturing capacity and geographic outreach, positioning Acino as a pivotal player not only in the UAE but also in potential export markets.

The UAE, historically a net importer of medicines, has grappled with a substantial deficit in the pharmaceutical trade.

Data from the UAE Federal Customs Authority underscored imports totaling US$8.2 billion in 2020, with meager exports hovering at US$ 542 million in 2022 according to CEIC figures. 

Addressing this imbalance necessitates proactive private-sector initiatives, an endeavor Acino is steadfastly pursuing.

With a sprawling 1,300-square-meter manufacturing footprint, Acino has significantly augmented its production capabilities, churning out over 250 million tablets and 87 million capsules annually. 

”We have invested in localisation, in trying to bring products of value being manufactured closer to where the customer is. This is a strategy we pursue across the Middle East, as the UAE, being a central part of the region, aligns with our approach of manufacturing products locally,” Meenai said.

Eyeing future scalability, Acino remains primed for facility expansion in Dubai, meticulously aligning capacity utilization with commercial exigencies and burgeoning partnerships.

 Saudi Arabia emerges as a focal point in Acino’s expansion trajectory, enhancing  the company’s commitment to consolidating its footprint in key regional markets.

Endorsed with EU-GMP, SFA, and GCC certifications, Acino’s Dubai facility emerges as a beacon of trust in the regional pharmaceutical supply chain. 

Beyond catalyzing industry growth, the plant promises enhanced patient service access, superior care quality, and more favorable treatment outcomes.

Navigating the pathway to sustainability, Acino is keenly attuned to the imperatives of augmenting manufacturing volumes and cultivating robust export channels. 

Meenai articulated the dual challenge of maintaining operational viability while navigating regulatory hurdles, emphasizing Acino’s unwavering commitment to charting a sustainable course forward.

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