KENYA – Adenia Partners, a private markets investment firm committed to responsible investing and a sustainable Africa, has announced the complete acquisition of Africa Biosystems Limited (ABL).

ABL is a distributor of state-of-the-art life sciences equipment and consumables for Eastern African markets. The company, which has been in operation for the past 22 years, has supplied various equipment used to conduct research and diagnosis.

Their equipment which is used by government, non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, and the private sector sweeps across animal, human and crop science.

This acquisition will facilitate ABL to expand its operations in its core East African markets, with a focus on accelerating its installed base of scientific instruments. Adenia will also help ABL establish a new management structure as well as improve its systems and processes to better capture opportunities in the life sciences market.

“At a time when the life sciences market in East Africa is expected to grow significantly due to rising healthcare needs, we are excited to invest in ABL, which has built a strong reputation in the region with its exemplary service and technical know-how,” said Martha Osier, Partner at Adenia.

Adenia Partners has a remarkable blueprint in growing and improving industries they buy into. Ademat, the leading distributors, installation and maintenance company of energy solutions in Côte d’Ivoire, is among the many beneficiaries.

Ademat was recently sold by Adenia having been transformed from a traditional family-run business to a modern company. Christophe Scalbert, Partner at Adenia, noted that their exit from Adamant reinforces Adenia’s approach to create long-term and sustainable value.

Adenia’s guidance and strategic input have been instrumental to the success of our ambitious modernization plan,” said Ademat CEO Christophe Giovacchini.

Over four years, Adenia implemented a series of strategic value creation initiatives, resulting in the expansion of the company’s product offering and market footprint; operational improvements including the introduction of new management tools and technologies; the modernization of working conditions, including the building of new tailor-made headquarters; and the implementation of an ambitious ESG action plan.

We are thrilled to welcome Adenia as an investor and look forward to our next phase of growth. With their trusted guidance, we plan to deepen our commitment to developing the regional markets, while boosting awareness of our products and their applications within East Africa’s life sciences sector,” said Yasmin Verjee, said Managing Director and co-founder of Africa Biosystems.