UAE – The Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Center (ADSCC), a PureHealth Group Asset, has introduced an advanced point-of-care diagnostic solution at its healthcare facility in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Founded in March 2019, the Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Center is a highly specialized healthcare center focused on cell therapy and regenerative medicine techniques.

It is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, technologies, and clinical expertise to offer patient-specific treatments, cellular therapies, and regenerative techniques to the people of the United Arab Emirates and beyond.

Abu Dhabi’s ADSCC has expanded its integrated and specialized range of surgical and non-surgical clinical services with the implementation of an Israel-based Seegnal solution.

Seegnal is dedicated to the creation, marketing, and service of proprietary technology solutions for the eHealth industry. It has a long-standing commitment to healthcare research and innovation.

The Seegnal solution provides precision medication decision support software to doctors at the point-of-care, and pharmacists at the point of distribution.

In an official statement, Eyal Schneid, Chief Executive Officer of Seegnal, stated: “ADSCC is a true world-class organization that sets a target to lead the personalized medication evolution from the front as leaders.”

Endorsed by Haran Cap, the Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Center, and Seegnal will work closely to provide safer, more personalized medication options at its hospital in the emirate.

Seegnal incorporates unique and exclusive pharmaco-genetic capabilities and will empower ADSCC’s clinicians to manage and resolve patient-specific drug-related problems fully, timely, and effectively.

It comes as the global point-of-care diagnostics market size is expected to reach US$23.36 billion by 2027.

This strategic alliance marks Israel-born Seegnal’s entry into the UAE’s healthcare sector and the organization’s first hospital deployment in the region.

The new point-of-care solution is designed to support doctors and pharmacists at ADSCC’s hospital in Abu Dhabi to provide patient-specific safe and efficient medication prescriptions.

This highly specialized testing method will help physicians to reduce the risk of adverse drug reactions, and adverse events resulting from medication errors.

The diagnostic tool will also help to eradicate any potential medicine interactions with the patient’s current medications based on how genes affect a person’s drug response.

The Seegnal solution will help doctors and pharmacists to provide an all-in-one, evidence-based precision medicine in line with ADSCC’s National Flagship Pharmacogenomics Programme.

ADSCC’s National Flagship Pharmacogenomics Programme is embracing the most innovative drug-related pharmacogenetic decision support tools.

A key aim of the flagship initiative is to enhance patient care with the adoption of innovative healthcare technologies while substantially reducing healthcare expenditures.

On his part, Dr. Yendry Ventura, CEO of ADSCC, asserted: “The deployment of Seegnal is a clear demonstration of our continued dedication to partner with the best in the field ensuring that our community has access to the latest medical technologies.”

Ultimately, the Seegnal solution will allow clinicians to deliver precise medication therapy, including pharmacogenomics, and improve the lives of millions of patients daily.

It has unparalleled accuracy and precision for alerting possible adverse drug effects, considering hundreds of patient-specific parameters.

As a recognized leader in this field, we are proud to set high standards and will continue to pursue new avenues for improving patient outcomes,” stated Dr. Ventura.

Moreover, the latest collaboration between Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Center and Seegnal will pave the way for future alliances in medical and life sciences innovation sectors in the UAE and Israel.

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