SWITZERLAND — Swiss cochlear implant technology leader, Advanced Bionics (AB), has received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for an expanded range of its Marvel CI products.

This move is poised to revolutionize hearing care delivery and significantly improve patient outcomes.

The expanded Marvel CI offerings feature a groundbreaking addition – remote programming through the AB Remote Support app on the patient’s smartphone.

This innovation aims to make hearing care more accessible for cochlear implant (CI) patients, reducing the need for extensive travel to clinics for appointments with hearing care professionals (HCPs).

Victoria Carr-Brendel, President of Advanced Bionics and Group Vice President of Sonova, expressed the significance of these advancements, stating, “Since its introduction in 2020, Marvel CI has redefined hearing performance with cochlear implants.”

A key feature of the expansion is the AB Remote Support app, which facilitates remote checking and programming for patients through their smartphones.

This app empowers HCPs to make real-time adjustments to their patients’ Marvel CI sound processors and compatible Phonak hearing aids, enhancing the overall patient experience.

Advanced Bionics, in collaboration with sister company Phonak, is pioneering linked two-ear solutions, allowing seamless integration between hearing aids and cochlear implants.

This integrated approach enhances the overall auditory experience for users and is a unique offering in the market.

Marvel CI is set to become the sole CI system featuring a Contralateral Routing of Signal (CROS) device, providing patients with an advanced solution for directional sound awareness.

This feature is expected to significantly benefit users by helping them identify the source of sounds more accurately.

The latest version of Target CI (Version 1.5) introduces several enhancements related to workflow, ease of use, and professional performance.

Designed as smart CI fitting software, Target CI allows professionals to address the specific needs of their patients efficiently.

It supports programming and configuration for compatible Phonak CROS devices in addition to bimodal fittings, further expanding its capabilities.

Victoria Carr-Brendel emphasized the company’s commitment to improving the lives of individuals with cochlear implants, stating, “The launch of these extended Marvel CI features today continues to demonstrate our focus on making it easier to hear and live with cochlear implants.”

The overall objective of these advancements is to break down barriers to accessing hearing care, provide innovative solutions for patients, and streamline the workflow for hearing care professionals.

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