AFRICA – Data published by the Africa CDC shows that the continent has so far reported 5,212,840 cases out of 50,843,958 tests conducted since the onset of the pandemic.

Africa, which has earned a spot on WHO’s watch list for a rapidly rising third wave, has reported 137,695 fatalities and 4,622,512 recoveries.

Most African nations are recording an increase in numbers every day, even as vaccination continues to roll out at a, slow than should be, pace.

South Africa, a country that has seen the worst under the pandemic in Africa, reported 13,155 new cases in the past 24 hours from a total of 55,593 tests conducted, which represents a 23.7% positivity rate.

A further 112 COVID-19 related deaths have been reported, bringing total fatalities in the country to 58,702 to date. The country is currently under a third-degree lockdown, which was imposed after a remarkable surge in infections.

In Ethiopia, 158 new cases have been reported raising the national total to 275,194. Total deaths stand at 4,283 having increased by three, in the past 24 hours. Ethiopia reported to have 201 severe cases and a total of 254,948 people who have since recovered from the virus.

The Eastern Africa nation has managed to vaccinate 1,975,957 people so far.

Kenya, Ethiopia neighbor, has so far vaccinated 1,183,376 people, with 18.9% of second dose uptakes. The ministry of health reports that only 0.72% of the population has been fully vaccinated.

The country recorded 283 new cases in the past 24 hours and 9 new fatalities, representing a positivity rate of 8.2%. The numbers currently stand at 179,075 cases and 3,456 cumulative fatalities. Since the pandemic hit, the nation has managed to conduct 1,904,519 tests and report 122,704 recoveries.

Sierra Leone reported 114 new cases tallying up to 4,816 total confirmed cases. The nation has so far reported 82 deaths and 3,264 recoveries. There are 405 people in quarantine at the moment, whereas 15,192 have been discharged from quarantine.

Zambia recorded 2,060 new cases out of 8,278 tests, representing a 25% positivity rate. 2,342 recoveries and 49 new deaths were reported in the past 24 hours.

Eswatini’s Minister of Health, Lizzie Nkosi, said the country conducted 414 tests in the past 24 hours, out of which 2 tested positive. The country ha so far confirmed 18,813 cases and 677 deaths.

A total of 35,227 people have been vaccinated in Eswatini, a country that holds the mantle for most promising vaccination ground in Africa.

Rwanda has today reported 622 new cases and six deaths from a sample size of 5,342. Total cases in the country are 32,057 and 394 deaths. Rwanda has a fatality rate of 1.2% and a recovery rate of 84.95%. 390,919 people have been immunized in the country so far.