KENYA – Kenyan healthtech startup AfyaRekod has introduced an automated Universal Patient Portal integrating blockchain technology that will track healthcare data to help bridge the gap between health care and treatment for patients, medical professionals, providers and organizations.

According to AfyaRekod, the subscription-driven Universal Patient Portal is a blockchain-driven, consolidated and mobile data health passport that allows patients consistent access to their health-records as well as access to a marketplace of various health services within the ecosystem in real-time.

The AfyaRekod Universal Patient Portal offers a secure decentralized, multilingual and intelligent telehealth solution, health resources, symptom trackers, reminders and notifications as well as the mobility of the record across multiple channels and devices. 

The user-friendly portal can be accessed through a secure central platform entitled that allows patients and medical professionals treating them to have real-time access to their health data and medical history for effective ongoing medical management.

AfyaRekod platform allows organizations, health providers and medical experts to interact and connect with patients, even remotely, in real-time whilst providing tools to store, manage and analyze health records as well as manage hospitals and facilities.

In addition, the patient-focused portal will allow patients to create a portal with all their health data while giving patients sovereign rights of ownership of their data. The patient logs in and sees all the information from the hospital without any bureaucratic procedures.

The AfyaRekod Universal Patient Portal seeks to address the persistent issue of medical misdiagnoses which can lead to a delay in treatment of the real condition especially useful for patients with chronic illness and patients with hereditary diseases by ensuring that health records are accurate and mobile.

The online portal will facilitate cost-effective access to medical records which are a vital tool in managing health, notifying healthcare professionals of medications, chronic illness, past problems and procedures and ultimately allowing them to determine the most accurate course of treatment.

AfyaRekod Chief Executive Officer John Kamara explained that the healthtech company identified the capture and storage of accurate data across every possible level of infrastructure as a core problem while noting that bringing real time access to data was the solution.

Founded by John Kamara in 2019, AfyaRekod is as an Adanian Labs startup with over 150,000 users in Kenya bringing an urgency into health data accessibility and analytics for better medical management and can be accessed via an app, android or iOS, and web portal via

The AfyaRekod platform serves multiple functionalities for providers such as hospital management, patient management, knowledge management and inventory management while allowing organizations to make strategic decisions, predications and early identification using data analytics.

The healthtech company is part of the NVIDIA AI program via AICE Africa with plans to expand in other markets in Africa including Nigeria, South Africa and Zambia in July. Currently in their B2B product, AfyaRekod has onboarded over 50 hospitals.

Moreover, AfyaRekod’s key partnerships include The Association of Sisterhoods of Kenya, Healthy Mind Foundation (Nigeria), Alchemy (South Africa), AURA (South Africa), GE Healthcare, Telkom, The Africa Block-Chain Center, The AI Center of Excellence and Lishe Living among others.

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