EGYPT —Alameda Healthcare Group (Alameda), Egypt’s top private healthcare provider, has announced that its As-Salam International Hospital—New Cairo has been accredited by the distinguished Joint Commission International (JCI).

This unprecedented achievement makes Alameda the first healthcare organisation in Egypt to have all of its hospitals accredited by JCI, including As-Salam International Hospital Maadi, Dar Al Fouad 6th October City, Dar Al Fouad Nasr City, and now As-Salam International Hospital New Cairo.

This recognition comes only two years after As-Salam International Hospital – New Cairo opened its doors, making it the first of Alameda’s branches to earn Joint Commission accreditation in such a short period of time.

JCI’s Gold Seal of Approval is a worldwide recognised emblem of healthcare excellence that reflects Alameda’s consistent commitment to quality and patient safety.

Alameda’s goal in gaining this accreditation is to raise healthcare standards, potentially leading to more job possibilities and improving the region’s overall healthcare infrastructure.

Almeda offers healthcare businesses throughout Egypt, including affiliations with the Royal Free Hospital in London, outpatient clinics, diagnostic centres, specialist centres, and pharmacies.

In addition, the firm has an International Relations Department that supports the medical needs of expats, video conferencing through its telemedicine service, and the German Rehabilitation Centre, which ensures holistic treatment for its patients.

Alameda’s commitment to comprehensive healthcare is exemplified by its International Relations Department, which provides medical treatments to expats through telemedicine, and the German Rehabilitation Centre.

This department guarantees that patients from all over the world receive the finest level of treatment, whether through video consultations or specialised rehabilitation programmes.

The group’s leadership in the private healthcare sector is evident not just in Egypt, but also across the Middle East and North Africa, Eastern Europe, and East Asia.

This strategic milestone not only confirms Alameda’s leadership in the healthcare industry, but also represents a significant contribution to the healthcare landscape, promising greater patient care and a better healthcare delivery system in the regions it serves.

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