USA – Alys Pharmaceuticals, an R&D immuno-dermatology company has officially launched, revealing a focused research and development (R&D) pipeline in immuno-dermatology, anchored on a significant US$100 million financing from Medicxi. 

The company was founded through a collaboration between Medicxi and a team of seasoned dermatology and scientific experts and will be spearheaded by co-founder and COO Thibaud Portal. 

 Medicxi’s Francesco De Rubertis  will assume the role of board chairman. 

At the core of Alys Pharmaceuticals’ mission lie multiple platform technologies aimed at addressing a spectrum of dermatological conditions.  

During its launch, it was revealed that it was aiming to revolutionize dermatological treatments by prioritizing conditions such as atopic dermatitis, vitiligo, alopecia areata, and chronic spontaneous urticaria. 

Additionally, Alys Pharmaceuticals said it would make a bid to tackle less prevalent conditions like mastocytosis and cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, while concurrently developing therapies to mitigate skin side effects induced by cancer treatments. 

The company has forged partnerships with prestigious institutions like the Institut Gustave Roussy and UMass Chan Medical School to propel collaborative research and development efforts forward. 

Alys Pharmaceuticals stands on the shoulders of six Medicxi companies, including Aldena Therapeutics, Graegis Pharmaceuticals, Granular Therapeutics, Klirna Biotech, Nira Biosciences, and Vimela Therapeutics, integrating their platforms and assets to fortify its innovative approach. 

With a robust portfolio boasting 14 active programs, Alys Pharmaceuticals anticipates significant growth propelled by its novel platforms, which encompass inflammatory conditions, autoimmune diseases, and supportive dermatological care for patients afflicted with cancer and rare dermatoses. 

Over the next three years, the company said it was setting its sights on achieving seven to ten clinical proof-of-concept readouts, with plans to advance at least one program to registrational clinical trials. 

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Francesco De Rubertis, partner at Medicxi and chairman of Alys Pharmaceuticals, said he had confidence in the company and that it willl crucially transform the field of immuno-dermatology.  

He emphasized that the synergy achieved by amalgamating several asset-centric companies was part of Alys’ plan to broaden its pipeline and part of a bigger move to strategize access to capital as catalysts for future success. 

“We believe that bringing together several asset-centric companies with a phenomenal team will power up Alys to transform innovation in immuno-dermatology. Alys manages a broad pipeline of assets with diverse risk profiles and will hugely benefit from this change of scale and facilitated access to capital.” he said.  

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