ETHIOPIA –  Amref Health Africa Ethiopia has marked its 20th anniversary of being one of the most trusted non-governmental organisations (NGOs) delivering community health services and empowering youth in Ethiopia.

Amref Ethiopia started-off by implementing a small project responding to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in 2002. Twenty years later, it has grown into a powerhouse, African-based NGO that is agile and thoughtfully addressing health challenges across Ethiopia.

Whether in remote pastoral lands, far-flung mountainous hamlets, or busy metropolises, Amref has perfected the science of reaching millions of communities most in need of health, water, sanitation and hygiene services in Ethiopia.

“We are excited to celebrate the achievements and the passions that drive us to reach this milestone. We have had the pleasure of working with our valued partners, who trusted and supported us during our journey as we address communities’ challenges,” Dr Githinji Gitahi, Amref Group CEO said.

Amref Ethiopia reflected on its two decades of health care services that has reached more than 22 million people, mainly women and children. 

Deeply rooted in the communities it serves, the organisation has built strong partnerships with the government, local civic organisations, and private sectors.

It is keenly invested in strengthening Ethiopia’s health system and bringing lasting health change to the Ethiopian communities.

With its services guided by compassion and innovation, our organisation has been delivering diverse programmes that help change the lives of many.

“Amref has been our strategic partner, implementing projects that are aligned with our priorities, such as primary health care, reproductive, maternal and child heath, as well as supporting us in disease prevention and control in many areas, and now in addressing youth health, which is also our priority area,” Dr Lia Tadesse, Minister of Health, said.

Misrak Makonnen, Country Director of Amref Ethiopia, on her part reflected that the past 20 years were a successful time for Amref Ethiopia and its family.

“In 2002, we had one small HIV programme. Right now, we have a portfolio that includes maternal and child health, water, sanitation and hygiene, human resources for health, disease prevention and control programmes. We also implement youth empowering programmes,”  Misrak said.

“The unwavering support and inspiration of our partners have made our journey a success. As we mark our milestone anniversary and look forward to the next twenty years, we extend our deep gratitude to all our partners who helped us fly. We hope you will join us as begin our next chapter to see us soar.”

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