INDIA – Amrita Hospital in Kochi is investing nearly US$78,730 (Rs 65 Crore) in funding to offer free medical care and preventive health services to residents in India for the next year.

To expand access to charitable care services, Amrita Hospital support has grown from approximately US$48,450 (Rs 40 crores) to nearly US$78,730 (Rs 65 crores), increasing its charitable giving by approx. US$30,281 (Rs 25 crore) this year.

Amrita Hospital plans to offer a wide range of free medical care to residents within this year’s budget as it celebrates 25 years of industry experience as a health provider.

These free healthcare services include pediatric, cardiology, renal transplant, knee replacement, bone marrow transplant, pediatric liver transplant, and fibrous scan to name a few.

Moreover, the Kochi-based healthcare facility is gearing up to perform about 240 deliveries free of charge per month over the next full year.

Since its establishment in 1998, Amrita Hospital has remained at the forefront of the healthcare sector with an impressive record in medical excellence and clinical research.

The state-of-the-art facility conducted the nation’s first micro blood stem cell transplantation and India’s first hospital to do the largest number of high-precision robotic liver transplants.

Amrita Hospital, Kochi is also home to India’s first in-hospital 3D Printing and innovation laboratory, inspiring neighboring countries to adopt the technology.

As part of its silver jubilee celebrations, Amrita Hospital, Kochi has expanded its research capabilities with the addition of two new well-equipped research centers.

Union Home Minister Shri Amit Shah officially inaugurated a new research center at the Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri Campus in Kollam.

India’s Minister Shri Amit Shah also inaugurated a new advanced research facility adjacent to the 1,350-bed Amrita Hospital in Kochi.   

The new research facilities are expected to accelerate the progress of the hospital’s existing research programs focused on genomics, nanotechnology, informatics, and cell biology.

Similarly, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu M K Stalin has launched nearly 500 urban public health centers to avail access to free healthcare services for destitute people living in the city.

Amrita Hospital, Kochi is expanding its research and development (R&D) capabilities to tackle the common man’s problems and build sustainable and resilient communities.

The hospital will continue integrating high-quality research domains and accelerating the clinical translation of promising scientific findings to develop affordable products for local communities.

This news follows the Amrita Hospital, Kochi expansion and modernization project to provide additional hospital beds.

Amrita Hospital, Kochi has increased its hospital bed capacity to 1350, from the previous 125 beds before the expansion and renovations.

Earlier this year, Amrita Hospital again raised the bar for healthcare delivery in Faridabad with the launch of its specialized clinic for asthma care, treatment, and support.

The first-of-its-kind clinic in Faridabad will provide all investigations that are relevant to asthma under one roof as well as offer advanced diagnostic testing to enhance the patient experience.

Moreover, India’s first Centre of Excellence for the evaluation and treatment of patients with suspected or established amyloidosis was opened at the Amrita Hospital in Kochi in mid-May 2023.

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