INDIA – Indian multinational healthcare group Apollo Hospitals has rolled out its Clinical Intelligence Engine (CIE) for doctors across the South Asian region.

So far, Apollo Hospitals has empowered 4,000 Apollo doctors with CIE to achieve tangible improvement in the accuracy of diagnosis.

The Apollo Clinical Intelligence Engine is designed specifically for India doctors on Apollo 24|7’s platform to help them identify gaps in care.

It uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to analyse multiple sources of data to help healthcare professionals in identifying patterns which may be missed otherwise.

In a press release, Apollo Hospitals said: “The AI-enhanced tool aims to revolutionise Indian healthcare by exponentially elevating the accuracy of diagnosis, doctor productivity and patient satisfaction, all in one go.”

The clinical decision support tool will help doctors to make evidence-based diagnosis, thereby improving health outcomes, doctor productivity and patient experiences.

It also increases the scale of operation for healthcare providers by helping organisations meet the multi-channel demand for access with safe, clinically validated health interactions via the Symptom Checker and doctors equipped with Apollo’s expert clinical knowledge system.

In addition, the clinical intelligence tool provides access to clinical and research data that will be maintained and periodically reviewed by an in-house team of more than 500 Apollo doctors and specialists.

Apollo Hospitals Group pointed out that its CIE analyses users’ symptoms, determines the cause and recommends next best actions, noting that it is a self-learning engine enabling doctors’ direct access to an ocean of knowledge.

Moreover, the launch of the game-changing Apollo Clinical Intelligence Engine aligns with Apollo’s focus on clinical excellence, affordable costs, modern technology as well as forward-looking research and academics.

On his part, Dr. Prathap C. Reddy, Chairman of Apollo Hospitals Group, stated: “When my team conceptualized the Clinical Intelligence Engine, I knew it was a breakthrough that would revolutionize healthcare as we know it.”

He confirmed that the CIE is available for use in Apollo Hospitals and it will be shared with doctors across India to become a part of their routine OPD operations.

I am happy to offer the Apollo CIE to every qualified, practicing doctor in India. Together, we will be able to make Indians healthier through timely and more accurate diagnosis independent of geographical, regional or income divides,” Dr. Reddy assured Indian doctors.

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