INDIA – Apollo Indraprastha Hospitals and MediSage have jointly organized a one-of-its-kind meeting held in Delhi focused on cancer management and the latest updates on cancer diagnosis and treatment.

The private meeting dubbed ‘Apollo Cancer Conclave—Insights from Our Experts’ in Delhi brought together healthcare professionals with an aim of bringing awareness on cancer types and their management options with the expertise of specialist doctors at the Apollo Hospitals.

Management of cancer patients is a combination of surgery with chemotherapy and radiation therapy and this Apollo Cancer Conclave was very effective in re-emphasizing the importance of all specialities joining hands in the management of cancer patients for a better clinical outcome.

The main objective of the impactful holistic partnership in cancer care is to reduce morbidity and mortality from the disease by ensuring equal access to affordable, quality, and timely treatment options for all cancer patients across India.

Commenting on the partnership, Abhishek Ghosh, Co-Founder & Director of MediSage, said: “We believe that medical practitioners play a significant role in identifying cancer at an early stage to slow down the high incidence across multiple age groups.”

He welcomed the agreement with Apollo Hospitals while noting that the Indian hospital chain has a strong and established foundation across the nation and is a pioneer in knowledge dissemination.

We are overjoyed as Apollo Hospitals has created a comprehensive, yet lucid, program with stellar experts to benefit the MediSage doctors’ community at large,” added Ghosh.

During the conclave, health experts cautioned that cancers with the highest mortality and morbidity rates in India include breast cancers, cancers of the head and neck, along with gynaecological, haematological, and gastrointestinal cancers.

The experts underscored the value of healthcare innovations in cancer control and focused on the prevention of common cancers using the latest advancement in technologies for the detection of the disease as well as utilizing existing medical devices.

In addition, the conclave was an ideal opportunity for doctors to gain in-depth knowledge and embellish their clinical practice which will ensure quality cancer treatment.

The Apollo-MediSage partnership allowed doctors across India to have direct access to the conclave, to be part of the discussions virtually, and learn from the panel experts.

Moreover, Apollo Indraprastha Hospitals and MediSage will work closely together in ensuring that the message of the Apollo Cancer Conclave reaches last-mile doctors, which will, in turn, ensure a much better quality of life for cancer patients.

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