USA—Ardigen, a premier AI Contract Research Organization (AI CRO) leading the biotech and pharmaceutical industries’ AI revolution, has appointed Livia Legg to its Chief Commercial Officer position.

Livia will also become a member of the Board of Management for the firm.

With her extensive background in business development and commercial operations, Livia is expected to greatly support Ardigen’s sales efforts and help the company reach its ambitious growth goals.

Livia has a remarkable history of creating large-scale ventures, and her leadership and knowledge will be crucial to Ardigen’s strategic goals of tripling its operations and increasing its market share.

Her appointment demonstrates Ardigen’s dedication to strengthening its management group and reaffirming its goal of raising the likelihood of a successful medication development process.

Livia Legg has an impressive background in international business development, sales, and marketing leadership.

She most recently held the positions of General Manager of ChemPartner Corporation US & EU in 2015 and Chief Commercial Officer at Shanghai ChemPartner.

Throughout her career, Livia has held significant positions at MDS Pharma Services and Merck Pharmaceutical Company since 1997, in addition to her international leadership roles as Vice President, Executive Director, and Head of Global Business Development at QPS, LLC from 2002 to 2015.

She graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a Master of Science (M.S.) in Molecular, Cellular & Biomedical Science and a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Nutritional Sciences.

Livia’s notable accomplishments in business development and commercial operations, along with her wealth of industry expertise, make her an essential asset to Ardigen’s leadership team, according to CEO Janusz Homa, who welcomed her.

He continued by emphasizing that the company’s objective for ambitious growth and its desire to scale its effect in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries over the next several years will depend heavily on her insights and strategic vision.

In light of her new role, Livia expressed her delight, pointing out that Ardigen is a leader in the AI sector and that pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms may benefit from their cutting-edge platforms, scientific insights, and seamless AI integration.

 She continued by saying that they can expedite Ardigen’s strategic growth goals and that they will keep providing their global clientele with amazing value and game-changing outcomes.

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