USA — Arthrex, a provider of minimally invasive orthopedic technology, has launched the Arthrex Minimally Invasive Bunionectomy System to offer patients a solution to traditional bunion surgery.

The Arthrex Bunionectomy System is designed to be an all-inclusive set to facilitate minimally invasive surgical bunion correction.

It has achieved the same or better corrective results than traditional surgery with less downtime, pain, and swelling.

Performed through tiny incisions, this minimally invasive procedure means patients can achieve complete bunion correction and get back on their feet faster.

Around 400,000 bunion surgeries are performed each year in the U.S., most commonly in women, who are more likely to wear shoes that aggravate the condition.

The traditional operation requires a large incision and takes up to three months to heal. The procedure shaves the downtime in half.

Studies show Arthrex Bunionectomy patients’ average recovery is up to eight weeks faster than traditional open procedures, as published in the journal Foot & Ankle International.

Patients also experienced more cosmetically appealing results, with smaller incisions that leave behind almost no visible scars.

Along with the procedure, Arthrex launched two websites geared toward patients and surgeons, respectively. offers patients educational materials and connects them with local surgeons trained in. is geared toward clinicians and offers a way to connect with Arthrex Technology Consultants and Medical Education representatives for information on and training in the Arthrex Bunionectomy System.

Left untreated, bunions can make it difficult to wear shoes or walk without pain. Untreated bunions also may lead to loss of movement in the big toe, arthritis, and bursitis in the toe joint.

AWS chosen to collect surgical data for Arthrex devices

In a separate development, Couchbase’s platform on Amazon Web Services has been chosen by the surgery-focused tech company Arthrex to help improve patient outcomes.

Couchbase is used in hospitals and operating rooms to capture, sync, and store patient data, surgical data, and media metadata.

This includes images and videos from Arthrex devices. The data goes into Synergy SurgeonVault, Arthrex’s cloud-based surgeon-to-patient communication tool, which surgeons then use to create post-operation reports for ongoing patient care.

At Arthrex, we are dedicated to helping surgeons tap into technology to provide advanced treatment for patients and improve outcomes. That’s why hospitals rely on SurgeonVault to empower surgeons with access to patient data whenever they need it,” said Gregory St. Clair, software architect at Arthrex.

The devices use a Linux-based application embedded with Couchbase Lite to keep relevant data. The company uses them to run 100 percent of the time regardless of internet connectivity status.

This failsafe reduces operational latency and downtime for surgical instruments. Afterward, Couchbase syncs data from the devices across the hospital’s network in a reliable and secure manner.

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