NIGERIA – The Abdul Samad Rabiu Africa Initiative (ASR Africa) has donated multimillion state-of-art equipment and a fully equipped emergency ambulance to the Pediatric Unit of the Gwarimpa General Hospital, Abuja as part of its Health Systems Support Initiative.

ASR Africa also announced that it was adopting the Neonatal Unit of the hospital under this initiative as well as providing N500,000 towards a fund being setup to assist indigent patients in accessing quality healthcare at the hospital.

They will also replace all the equipment in the neonatal unit as well as other equipment required in the broader pediatric unit.

This investment follows closely the announcement of construction of the largest oncology and diagnostic center in West Africa.

The center will be built with a 2.5billion Naira ASR Africa Tertiary Health Systems Infrastructure initial grant which was recently awarded to Kwara state by ASR Africa from its annual US$100 million Africa Fund for Social Development and Renewal.

The ASR Africa Oncology and Diagnosis Centre is a standalone facility dedicated to Oncology diagnosis, research and treatment, and this would go a long way in bridging the gap in cancer research, diagnosis and treatment in West Africa.

Speaking at the presentation of the grant and visit to the proposed site, Kabiru Rabiu, Group Executive Director of BUA Group, representing the Chairman commended the Governor of Kwara State, H.E. Abdulrahman for his commitment to healthcare development, social infrastructure, maternal and child health, and education which are also the pillars of ASR Africa’s vision

While presenting the ambulance and Health Systems Support Grant to the management of the hospital in Abuja, the Managing Director of ASR Africa, Ubon Udoh stated that the initiative to support the Pediatric Unit of the Hospital is a practical example of the commitment to social development by BUA Group as an organization.

In his remarks, the Chief Medical Director of Gwarimpa General Hospital, Isyaku Musa, said the equipment will improve the quality of healthcare delivery in the hospital.

The brainchild of African Industrialist, Philanthropist and Chairman of BUA Group, Abdul Samad Rabiu, the Abdul Samad Rabiu Africa Initiative (ASR Africa) was established in 2021.

ASR focuses on providing sustainable, impact-based homegrown solutions to developmental issues affecting Health, Education and Social Development within Africa.

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