OMAN — Aster Royal Al Raffah Hospital has expanded its in-person care delivery footprint in the Sultanate of Oman with the inauguration of a new Center of Excellence (CoE) in Al Ghubra in the heart of Muscat.

It is important to note that a new breast cancer clinic was recently commissioned at Aster Royal Al Raffah Hospital to offer reprieve to patients in the Sultanate of Oman.

In an official statement, Mr. Shailesh Guntu, Chief Executive Officer of Aster Hospitals and Clinics in Oman, said: “We take pride in Aster Royal Al Raffah Hospital’s unique position as one of the top healthcare facilities in the region capable of delivering intricate gastro procedures with unmatched expertise.”

Mr. Shailesh Guntu highlighted that the launch of the Aster Centre of Excellence in Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Therapeutic Endoscopy reaffirms the provider’s commitment to pioneering advancements in healthcare.

Commenting on the launch of the Aster CoE, Mr. Guntu outlined: “This Center of Excellence marks a transformative milestone, aligning with our vision to elevate healthcare standards and accessibility not just within Oman but across the Middle East.”

Aster Royal Al Raffah Hospital proudly stands as one of the top healthcare facilities in the region capable of performing complex gastro procedures and cases.

Building on the achievements of the Department of Gastroenterology, the Aster CoE introduces Third Space Endoscopy services encompassing innovative procedures.

The introduction of groundbreaking Third Space Endoscopy services underlines our dedication to offering innovative treatments and reinforces our position as leaders in providing comprehensive, cutting-edge medical care,” stated Mr. Guntu.

Situated within Aster Royal Al Raffah Hospital in AL Ghubra, the Aster CoE will take on a multidisciplinary approach to address complex GI issues in a comprehensive way.

The central aim of the Aster CoE is to extend access to high-quality gastroenterological care to the Omani population and neighbouring communities across the Gulf region.

The Aster CoE is staffed by a team of skilled surgeons, interventional radiologists, critical care physicians, and anesthetists to provide a wide array of advanced minimally invasive procedures.

The Aster COE Team is expected to operate with a steadfast commitment to excellence, regularly participating in major conferences and organizing several national and international events annually.

Endorsed by the World Gastroenterology Organization, the distinguished department is primed and prepared to serve patients with utmost dedication and expertise.

Additionally, the Aster CoE boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure on a dedicated floor, including technologically advanced endoscopy and fluoroscopic suites.

The new center is also fitted with GI motility labs, a comprehensive array of endoscopes and accessories, and a liver elastography machine to aid in early liver disease diagnosis.

The center is staffed by a highly experienced medical team to handle intricate patient cases with exceptional precision and care, such as the provision of 24/7 GI bleed services.

The grand launch comes as part of the hospital’s strategy to cater to the medical needs of the Omani population, symbolizing excellence and innovation in the nation’s healthcare sector and beyond.

Leadership in the Aster CoE  

With the launch of the Aster CoE, Aster Royal Al Raffah Hospital has reaffirmed its dedication to providing cutting-edge medical care in the Sultanate of Oman.

The new center will be led by esteemed senior consultants, Dr. Ashik Sainu Mohiyadeen and Dr. Hisham Al Dhahab.

Dr. Ashik Sainu boasts over two decades of experience and holds fellowships in advanced endoscopy from prestigious institutions in the UK.

Emphasizing the strategic significance of this initiative, Dr. Ashik Sainu said: “This initiative sets the stage for Oman’s emergence as a hub for cutting-edge gastroenterological care and presents an enticing medical tourism opportunity for the entire region.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Hisham Al Dhahab brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in advanced endoscopy to the forefront of his practice.

Dr. Hisham Al Dhahab holds degrees in MBBS, MRCP, and FACP, along with a Fellowship in Advanced Endoscopy from McGill University.

The two senior consultants are well-suited to lead the Aster Centre of Excellence in Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Therapeutic Endoscopy.

Moreover, the Aster Center of Excellence in Al Ghubra will be spearheaded by globally acclaimed therapeutic Endoscopist, Dr. Amol Bapaye.

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