SINGAPORE — AstraZeneca has announced plans to construct a US$1.5 billion manufacturing facility in Singapore to produce antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) and targeted cancer therapies. 

This venture marks AstraZeneca’s establishment of its first end-to-end ADC production site and will be suppoted by the Singapore Economic Development Board.

ADCs, engineered antibodies that bind to tumor cells and release cell-killing chemicals, represent a promising frontier in cancer treatment.

“Singapore is one of the world’s most attractive countries for investment given its reputation for excellence in complex manufacturing, and I am excited for AstraZeneca to locate our US$1.5 billion ADC manufacturing facility in the country,” remarked CEO Pascal Soriot, emphasizing the strategic significance of Singapore’s manufacturing ecosystem.

Construction of the facility, which is scheduled to commence by the end of 2024, aligns with AstraZeneca’s vision to broaden its global supply chain and expand its presence in key markets.


AstraZeneca aims to bolster its precision medicine capabilities with a broad portfolio of in-house ADCs, including six wholly owned ADCs in clinical trials and several in pre-clinical development.

The biomedical sciences sector, a cornerstone of Singapore’s economy, stands to benefit significantly from AstraZeneca’s investment. 

EDB chairman Png Cheong Boon expressed support for AstraZeneca’s initiative, highlighting its role in advancing Singapore’s precision medicine capabilities and creating economic opportunities.

The AstraZeneca facility is expected to be operational by 2029 and will prioritize sustainability, boasting zero carbon emissions from its inaugural day of operations. 

Elsewhere, AstraZeneca, has spearheaded yet another transformative venture in preventive healthcare and precision medicine, collaborating with M42, a technology-enabled global health powerhouse in UAE. 

This groundbreaking partnership aims to address the urgent healthcare challenge posed by breast cancer, particularly prevalent in the UAE, where it stands as a leading cause of mortality. 

By leveraging M42’s state-of-the-art clinical genomics capabilities, the initiative will focus on screening for hereditary breast cancer genes, including BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations, paving the way for personalized treatments and preventive interventions for affected individuals.

At the heart of this endeavor lies AstraZeneca’s commitment to advancing personalized precision medicine in cancer research. 

The collaboration with M42 represents a significant stride towards this goal, harnessing disruptive omics technologies to enable personalized cancer treatment and intervention. 

Through this innovative program, patients will benefit from tailored therapies based on their genetic profiles, enhancing treatment efficacy and improving patient outcomes. 

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