US – AstraZeneca, a global science-led biopharmaceutical business, is gearing up for a leap in medical innovation with a whopping US$300 million investment in a cutting-edge facility located in Rockville, Maryland.  

This strategic move signals the pharmaceutical giant’s commitment to revolutionizing cell therapy advancements within the United States. 

The primary goal of this initiative is to propel crucial cancer trials forward and lay the groundwork for future commercial supply. 

 With a focus on producing T-cell therapies, the investment is set to create 150 highly skilled jobs dedicated to supporting clinical trials on a global scale. 

AstraZeneca’s venture into cell therapy follows closely on the heels of strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Quell Therapeutics, AbelZeta, and Cellectis. 

 Moreover, the recent acquisition of Neogene Therapeutics further solidifies its position in this rapidly evolving field. 

The Rockville site will seamlessly integrate into AstraZeneca’s extensive international manufacturing and supply network, spanning 16 countries and comprising 30 operational or under-development centers. 

The company’s US production sites, including the Rockville facility, specialize in manufacturing small molecules and biologics, leveraging state-of-the-art pharmaceutical technology. 

With a workforce of 2,600 full-time employees, AstraZeneca’s US sites are responsible for delivering a staggering nine billion doses of therapeutics annually. 

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 Pam Cheng, AstraZeneca’s global operations and IT executive vice-president, expressed immense enthusiasm about the creation of over 150 new highly skilled jobs, and lauded that these positions will play a crucial role in bringing the company’s scientific breakthroughs to life, potentially transforming the lives of patients worldwide. 

“We are incredibly excited that more than 150 new highly skilled jobs are being created to bring our scientific work and therapies to clinical trials which could transform the lives of patients around the world.” He revealed. 

Cheng further emphasized the significance of the $300 million investment, highlighting that it will play a crucial role in accelerating the realization of next-generation cell therapy. “This new $300m investment will accelerate our ambition to make next-generation cell therapy a reality, ensuring that we are ready to scale and meet the demands of patients.” He said. 

This major development comes hot on the heels of AstraZeneca’s recent definitive agreement for the acquisition of Gracell Biotechnologies in China. 

 This move is poised to expand the company’s portfolio of chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapies, further bolstering its position as a frontrunner in the field of innovative medical treatments. 

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