SAUDI ARABIA – Avalon Pharmaceuticals, in partnership with AlUla Peregrina Trading Company (APTC), is preparing to launch premium cosmetic and dermatologic products in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The formal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed by Mohamed Maher Alghannam, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Avalon Pharmaceuticals, and Abobakar Alanazi, CEO and Deputy Chairman of APTC.

During the signing ceremony, Abobakar Alanazi, CEO and Deputy Chairman of APTC said: “AlUla Peregrina Trading Company is thrilled to collaborate with Avalon Pharmaceuticals on a new cosmetic and dermatologic product line.”

It is important to note that AlUla Peregrina Trading Company is an innovative and science-backed expert in the natural ingredients of the Desert of Arabia, created by the Royal Commission of AlUla.

APTC and its products are named for the Peregrina tree, a native to the Desert of Arabia, its oil acting as an essential element of nature and heritage in the AlUla region.

The specially sourced extracts offer breakthrough anti-aging, skin protection, skin-lifting effects, and hydration, to mention a few benefits.

Bearing this in mind, AlUla Peregrina Trading Company supports the AlUla Peregrina supply chain by actively promoting a social development and circular economy model.

Our trademark AlUla Peregrina ingredients expertise will pair excellently with Avalon Pharma’s knowhow in the cosmeceutical industry, ensuring that this first-ever Saudi collection and its range of benefits is fully received by consumers,” underscored Abobakar Alanazi.

Avalon Pharma has developed a strong portfolio of consumer health brands and generic prescription medicines, with its influence extending beyond Saudi borders into the broader Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region through exports.

By collaborating with APTC, Saudi pharmaceutical powerhouse Avalon Pharma intends to expand its beauty product line with an exclusive new collection.

The patented formulas which will emerge from the collaboration between Avalon Pharma and APTC will undergo a few months of formulation, tests, and assessment process, in the leadup to the product line’s release.

The partnership will feature premium formulations that offer both instant results and long-term skin and hair care benefits, with special emphasis on hydration, anti-aging, and nourishment.

For his part, Mohamed Maher Alghannam, MD & CEO of Avalon Pharmaceuticals, said: “Our partnership with AlUla Peregrina Trading Company is an exciting development for Avalon Pharma’s cosmetic and dermatologic product line.”

He pointed out that the partnership is an excellent example of how bringing together two best-in-class, made-in-Saudi companies, can offer customers an even greater product offering and choice.

Through this partnership, the first-of-its-kind Saudi premium cosmetic and dermatologic products will provide solutions grounded in science and the potency of natural patented AlUla Peregrina active ingredients.

The product line of multiple skin and haircare formulas will utilize Virgin AlUla Peregrina Oil, and the groundbreaking Hydrolyzed AlUla Peregrina Extract, Lipophilic AlUla Peregrina Extract, and Hydrolyzed AlUla Peregrina Paste Extract.

Made-in-Saudi Arabia products

Inspired by the powers of THE sizzling Desert of Arabia, this luxury skin and hair care journey will feature exclusive products made in Saudi designed to provide solutions grounded in science and the potency of natural ingredients.

The collaboration between Avalon Pharma and APTC is expected to create a first-of-its-kind product line to support the Saudi market’s unique needs and to offer the best personal care solutions.

This exclusive offering of made-in-Saudi products will provide the marketplace with a first-ever skin and haircare product line inspired by the Kingdom’s majestic desert,” Mohamed Maher Alghannam assured customers.

To boost overall exports, Avalon Pharma is re-establishing its focus across key markets in the Gulf Cooperation Council and beyond.

The company intends to continue its advancement with a multi-pronged international expansion plan. Its expansion plan objective has two different route-to-market (RTM) approaches.

One of the RTM approaches involves having a representative from Avalon Pharma on the ground in strategic focus markets to monitor the business closely with its partners.

Additionally, the company plans to expand business in new target markets, primarily through distribution partners with indirect follow-up from Avalon Pharma.

To this end, Avalon Pharma will continue to champion the “Made in Saudi” tagline affixed to its products, a popular hallmark within key international markets.

The company has strengthened the global awareness of Made-in-Saudi products, offering new opportunities in the Gulf Cooperation Council and beyond.

On the investment front, Avalon Pharma received landmark approval from the Capital Market Authority (CMA) to issue an initial public offering (IPO) of six million shares, or 30% of its capital, on the Saudi Exchange (Tadawul).

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