SAUDI ARABIA – As its Avalon 4 nears completion, Avalon Pharmaceuticals is set to launch its fourth manufacturing plant in the city of Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Riyadh manufacturing plant is expected to produce over 75 new products in the pharmaceutical segment, specifically designed to cater to the personal care needs of Saudi consumers.

Avalon 4 will focus on the production of different forms of complex and high-tech medications that are formulated for administration to patients for the treatment of a variety of clinical conditions.

The wide variety of pharmaceutical dosage forms, ranging from liquids for oral administration to injectable solutions, including oncology and general injectables.

The new facility is projected to be fully operational by 2026, marking an important milestone to accelerate further the growth of Avalon’s pharmaceutical manufacturing business.

In a press release, Ahmad Al Tabbaa, the Chairman of Avalon Pharmaceuticals, said: “This new factory plant will allow Pharmaceuticals to enter a new and elite segment of medicines like anticancer and various types injectable products. We look forward to its realization over the next three years.”

Avalon Pharmaceuticals is planning to launch this additional manufacturing plant to foster its growth and meet the growing demand in the region.

Not surprisingly, the new factory joins three other Saudi Arabia-based facilities owned by Avalon Pharmaceuticals, namely Avalon 1, Avalon 2, and Avalon 3.

The existing manufacturing sites produce various medications, products in the health and personal care segment, as well as medical devices.

Avalon Pharmaceuticals is expanding further into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the launch of its newest Riyadh plant location.

The ongoing construction of the Riyadh manufacturing facility is a clear representation of the company’s emphasis on innovation, research, and development.

Commenting on the long-awaiting launch, Al Ghannam divulged: “To date, we have invested US$106.64 million (over SAR 400 million) in our operation, in addition to our research and development capabilities. We will continue at the same pace and inject further investments in the near future.”

The expansion, targeted to be complete by the end of 2026, is projected to create over 100 job opportunities throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Notably, Avalon Pharmaceuticals owns a broad portfolio of 75 brands, including healthcare products like Salinose, AvalonActiv, Avomeb, and Ez-Clean.

The product portfolio also includes cosmetic and personal care products such as Alpha Plus, Avalon Care, and EZ Care, along with pharmaceutical drugs like Avogain, Avocom, and Broncast.

Avalon Pharmaceuticals has a well-established scientific presence in all public and private hospitals and polyclinics across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Additionally, the company has created solid commercial relationships with the leading chain pharmacies, high-street pharmacies, regional distributors, and leading hypermarket chains in the region.

The Riyadh manufacturing facility is poised to provide extensive support to the company’s integrated infrastructure in the Kingdom tailored to meet growing local and regional demand.

The new factory, being built at a cost of SAR 100 million (US$26.7 million), will double the company’s extensive portfolio range of more than 75 medical products to 150 with 75 new products.

In his address, Mohamed Maher Al Ghannam, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Avalon Pharmaceuticals, stated: “We look to both extend our influence, regionally and globally, in addition to continuing our deep investment towards our local customers.”

Avalon Pharmaceuticals offers its products to healthcare providers, clinics, researchers, and facilities throughout the United States and internationally.

With the launch of Avalon 4, the company is well positioned to not only boost its manufacturing capabilities but also expand its geographic reach and product offerings in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

It is worth highlighting that the Saudi pharmaceutical market is valued at US$10.24 billion (SAR 38.40 billion) and is projected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.3% to reach US$17.97 billion (SAR 67.40 billion) by 2030.

With the Saudi pharmaceutical market projected to reach up to US$18 billion by 2030, Avalon Pharmaceuticals will continue building upon its foundation as a key player in the future of the Saudi healthcare industry.

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