USA – BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) has introduced a new needle guard solution that improves drug and biologic delivery.

The BD UltraSafe Plus 2.25 mL Passive Needle Guard is intended for use with drug-device combinations. When used in conjunction with a Glass Prefillable Syringe, the BD UltraSafe Plus 2.25 mL system allows for the subcutaneous delivery of biologic solutions with fill volumes ranging from 2 mL to 30 cP.

With BD UltraSafe Plus 2.25 mL, we are innovating drug delivery systems with a goal to provide confidence and ease of use to patients and improve their self-injection experience, and to serve the expanding biologic drug delivery design space,” said Eric Borin, worldwide president, BD Medical – Pharmaceutical Systems.

The latest solution to be commercially released into BD’s portfolio of drug delivery systems for combination products, BD UltraSafe PlusTM 2.25 mL, is designed to meet the needs of healthcare providers, patients, and caregivers performing manual injections of biologic solutions.

The one-of-a-kind design of BD UltraSafe PlusTM 2.25 mL complements biopharmaceutical companies’ combination product strategies by allowing patient-controlled injection of complex, high-viscosity drugs.

Biologic therapies are frequently self-administered by patients or caregivers, necessitating delivery systems that provide ease of use as well as safety benefits for use in non-clinical settings.

However, the viscosity and injection volume of biologics have increased in recent years (>1 mL, >10 cP), which are beyond the capabilities of many commercially available injectable drug delivery systems.

Biologic formulations with high volumes and viscosities frequently necessitate stronger injection forces, which can pose difficulties for users.

This is one of several new products that BD Medical – Pharmaceutical Systems plans to launch over the next 18 months to enhance the performance of prefilled syringe systems.

BD UltraSafe Plus 2.25 mL was evaluated in a human factors validation study to develop a patient-centric solution, in which usability was demonstrated and the majority of participants expressed confidence that the activated safety mechanism would protect them from needlestick injuries.

For biopharmaceutical companies looking to deliver biologics in 2 mL dose volumes, BD is developing a variety of innovative options, including the BD Neopak Glass Prefillable Syringe, BD Neopak XtraFlow Glass Prefillable Syringe, BD Intevia Disposable Autoinjector, and BD UltraSafe Plus Passive Needle Guard.

Biopharmaceutical companies can now develop BD UltraSafe PlusTM 2.25 mL Passive Needle Guard.

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