USA – Blackstone Life Sciences has unveiled Uniquity Bio, a new player in immunology and inflammation, backed by a hefty US$300 million investment. 

Uniquity Bio is set to embark on Phase II trials for its flagship asset, solrikitug, a monoclonal antibody licensed from MSD targeting thymic stromal lymphopoietin (TSLP).

Uniquity aims to commence Phase II trials targeting chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma, two prevalent respiratory conditions with substantial market opportunities. 

These trials align with market estimates of US$18.6 billion and US$7.2 billion for COPD and asthma, respectively, in the US, as reported by GlobalData’s Pharma Intelligence Centre.

Brian Lortie, CEO of Uniquity Bio, emphasized the potential of solrikitug to revolutionize patient treatment options, stating, “It has the potential to be a life-changing medication for a significant number of patients who currently have very limited treatment options.”

Nicholas Galakatos, Global Head of Blackstone Life Sciences, expressed pride in the partnership with Uniquity Bio, foreseeing solrikitug’s advancement as a catalyst for an expanding pipeline of immunology and inflammation programs. 

Galakatos stressed the importance of delivering transformative medicines, underlining Blackstone’s commitment to driving innovation in healthcare.

Solrikitug, designed to inhibit TSLP, a pivotal cytokine in the inflammatory cascade, has received FDA clearance for clinical trials. 

This demonstrates its potential in a range of immunology and inflammation applications.

Uniquity Bio’s strategic approach combines scientific rigor with operational flexibility, enabling rapid progress without compromising quality. 

With Blackstone’s unwavering support, the company aims to accelerate the development of solrikitug and expand its portfolio, leveraging extensive expertise and capital resources.

The global immunology market’s exponential growth underscores the urgency and potential for innovative therapies.

 Uniquity Bio’s entry into this dynamic landscape signals a commitment to advancing therapeutics and forging strategic collaborations to maximize impact.

Stephen Tullman, Executive Chairman of Uniquity Bio, expressed confidence in the company’s ability to deliver valuable medicines to individuals grappling with immune-mediated diseases.

Recent industry developments reinforce the significance of Uniquity’s entry into the field. 

Inflammatory disease specialist Aiolos Bio’s acquisition by GSK for US$1.4 billion in February 2024 and the launch of Mirador Therapeutics in March 2024, which secured US$400 million in Series A financing, highlight the growing interest and investment in immunology and inflammation research.

Uniquity Bio’s inception comes at a time of growing market interest in immunology and inflammation. 

The global immunology market is projected to surge from US$98 billion in 2023 to US$257 billion in 2032. 

In addition to Uniquity’s inception, , Blackstone Life Sciences also made a significant investment in Moderna, providing US$750 million to support the development of flu vaccines. 

Focusing on advancing various vaccines, including those for cancer and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), Moderna aimed to mitigate the high research and development costs associated with these endeavors. 

As Moderna’s Chief Financial Officer James Mock highlighted during the company’s 2024 Vaccines Day event, the funding from Blackstone Life Sciences was expected to accelerate new programs, diversify revenue streams, and reduce the risk of the flu program. 

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