UAE – Bridge Medical Group Purchasing (BMGP) and New Al Farwaniya have joined forces to advance access to essential healthcare services in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The partnership will allow New Al Farwaniya, a leading medical supplier and distributor in the UAE, to distribute BMGP’s medical devices, thereby improving product access across the region.

Under the agreement, New Al Farwaniya will introduce implementing standardized systems and descriptions for better stock and supply management.

The UAE-based medical supplier will also secure higher quality products at competitive pricing to enhance the quality of healthcare for residents.

It will leverage Bridge Medical Group Purchasing Organisation (GPO) to facilitate highly competitive market prices of healthcare goods and services and supply chain optimization to healthcare operators.

In addition, New Al Farwaniya will expand its healthcare offerings into the UAE to meet more customer needs as well as bring sustainable and quality care across the Emirates.

It will build on the recent investments of UAE’s public health sector to support the private healthcare sector to enhance the sustainability of health-related innovations.

Healthcare players will be able to track their financial performance by comparing the market cost with the price-competitive index scores of BMGP as well as gain access to industry networking opportunities at BMGP events.

Members will also utilize Bridge Medical’s analytics-based e-procurement platform to optimize their procurement strategies and reduce wastage.

In addition, the partnership aligns with Bridge Medical’s mission of enabling healthcare providers to enhance operational, financial, and clinical outcomes by securing optimized procurement strategies and enhanced product selection.

In his address, Mr. Rashed S. AlFadala, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BMGP, stated: “Through our partnership with New Al Farwaniya, we aim to streamline the healthcare supply chain management of the UAE.”

He said that the strategic deal will optimize procurement processes and drive efficiencies to reduce healthcare expenses incurred by hospitals and various medical institutions in the UAE.

BMGP uses predictive Artificial Intelligence (AI) models to make aggregate volume purchases on behalf of its members, enabling them to take advantage of higher savings without making bulk purchases.

By leveraging the collective buying power of our members, healthcare providers in the Bridge Medical collective can secure large discounts without having to purchase more than they need,” Mr. AlFadala added.

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