GERMANY – Boehringer Ingelheim, a leading pharmaceutical company, has announced a strategic collaboration with the Center for Biomarker Research in Medicine (CBmed) to accelerate the translation of innovative cancer therapy approaches into new treatments. 

 The partnership aims to harness translational medicine approaches to expedite the development of first-in-class medicines for cancer patients. 

While the financial terms of the collaboration were not disclosed, the long-term alliance is poised to revolutionize cancer therapy by detecting and validating biomarkers across Boehringer Ingelheim’s expanding cancer pipeline. 

The partnership seeks to establish proof of therapeutic effect, identify new indications, and enhance patient selection criteria once the approach falls fully into shape.   

The collaboration with CBmed is by far very significant for Boehringer Ingelheim, as it is expected to expedite and broaden the company’s oncology portfolio.  

Through the integration of translational medicine approaches, Boehringer aims to accelerate the development of innovative therapies that address unmet medical needs in cancer treatment. 

CBmed, operating at the intersection of scientific discovery and patient care, brings invaluable expertise to the partnership.  

With close integration with the Medical Universities of Graz and Vienna, CBmed has developed a cutting-edge multi-omics technology platform, facilitating the rapid discovery of new biomarkers. 

 This platform will crucially combine expertise in cancer immunobiology, molecular pathology, and data science, supported by access to extensive biobanks. 

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Notably, CBmed boasts access to Europe’s largest biobank in Graz, housing over seven million patient samples, in addition to the BBMRI-ERIC, a distributed research infrastructure with access to 60 million patient samples. 

 These vast resources provide a robust foundation for biomarker discovery and validation, essential for advancing precision medicine in oncology. 

Vittoria Zinzalla, Global Head of Oncology Translational Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology at Boehringer Ingelheim, revealed that there was much enthusiasm about the collaboration while emphasizing that its potential will enhance clinical development success rates and expand the company’s pipeline. 

“We are excited to join forces with CBmed’s team of translational science experts.” she said. 

 Zinzalla added that the partnership will have a crucial role in translating research discoveries into actionable insights for the clinic, ultimately aiming to transform the lives of cancer patients. 

“This new partnership will further support our efforts to increase the success rate of our clinical development by translating research discoveries into actionable insights for the clinic. It will also enable us to further expand our pipeline to achieve our goal of transforming the lives of people living with cancer,” she said.  

Last month, Boehringer entered a licensing agreement with Kyowa Kirin of Japan to develop a new treatment for fibro-inflammatory diseases. 

The deal is in line with Boehringer Ingelheim’s strategy to create breakthrough therapies in this area and improve patient outcomes. 

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