INDIA—Cadila Pharmaceuticals, a leading Indian multinational pharmaceutical company, has introduced an innovative iron injection named Redshot FCM to combat Iron Deficiency Anemia, a condition that is both preventable and treatable.

Redshot FCM, fortified with an advanced ferric carboxymallose formulation, is tailored for administration to both adults and pediatric patients over one year of age, particularly those with oral iron intolerance.

In a recent announcement, Cadila emphasized that Redshot Injection, an intravenous iron preparation, not only delivers effective iron doses but also boasts an exemplary safety profile.

With superior tolerability and minimal risk of anaphylaxis, Redshot accelerates the improvement of hemoglobin levels and efficiently replenishes depleted iron stores.

Redshot offers heightened tolerance, facilitating the utilization of high doses in a single administration through intravenous delivery of iron.

Speaking during the launch event, Dr. Rajiv I. Modi, Chairman and Managing Director of Cadila Pharmaceuticals, expressed that this innovation underscores their commitment to pharmaceutical excellence, contributes to the safe motherhood initiative, and effectively addresses iron deficiency anemia.

Anaemia, characterized by reduced red blood cells or hemoglobin concentration, primarily affects women and children, leading to poor cognitive and motor development in severe cases. It can also pose risks for pregnant women and their babies.

Anaemia can result from various factors, including poor nutrition, infections, chronic diseases, heavy menstruation, pregnancy complications, and family history, often stemming from insufficient iron levels in the blood.

Despite its significant impact, anaemia often goes unnoticed and is inadequately managed, particularly among pregnant women, the elderly, and cancer patients.

Globally, anaemia affects a substantial portion of the population, with low- and lower-middle-income countries bearing the greatest burden, especially in rural areas and poorer households with limited access to education and healthcare.

In 2019 alone, anaemia contributed to the loss of 50 million years of healthy life due to disability, with dietary iron deficiency, thalassemia, sickle cell trait, and malaria being the leading causes.

Cadila Pharmaceuticals’ launch of Redshot FCM marks a significant milestone in combating iron deficiency anemia, offering a transformative solution to replenish iron levels rapidly and efficiently, thereby improving the health and well-being of millions worldwide.

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