USA — Canon Medical Systems USA, a prominent imaging and healthcare technology company, has introduced the End-to-End CT Workflow Automation suite, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

This innovative solution is designed to streamline operations from referral through reporting, aiming to enhance patient care and operational efficiencies.

At the core of this suite is the INSTINX CT workflow experience tool, prioritizing patient-centric care by automating various workflows.

INSTINX CT facilitates quick scan planning, ensures simple and safe patient positioning, and maintains consistency across operators, irrespective of their experience levels.

The tool’s user-friendly design and automated features significantly increase workflow productivity.

Another integral component of the suite is Remote Assist, a tool that enhances care delivery by providing remote scanning assistance.

This feature allows direct virtual access from the scanner to in-house experts, ensuring prompt and expert guidance during scans.

The Automation Platform, another feature in the End-to-End CT Workflow Automation suite, is an AI-powered, zero-click solution.

Leveraging deep learning technology, this feature aims to streamline workflows and reduce the need for manual intervention, contributing to operational efficiency.

The Vina Analytics CT Protocol Management solution, part of the suite, focuses on streamlining and standardizing protocol management specifically for Canon CT scanners. This component further contributes to the suite’s goal of optimizing the CT study process.

Satrajit Misra, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Canon Medical Systems, highlighted the significance of this innovation in the current healthcare landscape.

He stated, “In the current landscape of limited access to skilled labor, End-to-End CT Workflow Automation is a game-changer for healthcare providers.

“By automating various facets of the CT scanning process, we empower healthcare professionals to concentrate on what matters most – delivering exceptional patient care.”

In a separate collaboration, Canon Medical Systems has joined forces with Cleveland Clinic to advance imaging and healthcare IT technologies, aiming to enhance diagnosis, care, and patient outcomes.

The partnership will establish a comprehensive imaging research center in Cleveland’s Fairfax neighborhood, focusing on cardiology, neurology, and musculoskeletal medicine.

The research projects will span pre-clinical imaging, human imaging, and image analysis, showcasing a commitment to advancing medical research and technology.

Canon Medical Systems’ End-to-End CT Workflow Automation suite aligns with the industry’s demand for advanced AI-powered solutions to optimize workflows, enhance patient care, and address challenges in the healthcare landscape.

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