AFRICA – Africa-based technology-driven healthcare startup CarePoint has secured US$10 million in a bridge funding round for development of innovative technology-driven solutions to improve healthcare access in the African region.

The series B funding round was led by TRB Advisors with participation from Delle, Breyer Capital, Beyond Capital Ventures (BCV), M3 Inc, Asia Pacific Land/ Natural World Limited and Alan Waxman, who is Sixth Street Partners’ CEO.

CarePoint will use part of the funding to build data science and Artificial Intelligence teams to strengthen its technological resources as well as introduce new products.

Formerly Africa Health Holdings, CarePoint is at the forefront of creating solutions through its three core pillars of a scaled network of healthcare facilities, a strong technology backbone and patient-centered care highlighted by the first Africa-focused healthcare data repository.

Patients are also able to access care virtually through its telemedicine platform MyCareMobile app which links them to diverse services through teleconferencing for referrals and treatment including consultations with their doctors, test results and 24-hour emergency response.

The digital health startup engages dynamic, innovative and forward-looking thinkers to identify, manage and transform promising healthcare brands that are providing patient-centered services at competitive costs across the African continent.

CarePoint is a leading tech-forward healthcare system in Africa backed by four brands in four different countries namely the Meridian Health Group in Kenya, Sahe in Egypt, Rabito Clinic in Ghana and Nigeria’s Care Point and Lilys Hospitals, operating a total of 65 facilities.

The platform’s expansion plans to adopt telemedicine come at a time when there is increased demand in virtual consultations as people seek alternate ways of getting the attention of health professionals.

The firm has an ambitious plan to explore opportunities within East, North and Southern Africa driven by mergers and acquisitions which is in line with its plan to be the biggest healthcare provider in Africa.

Subsequently, the recent investment into CarePoint will support the setting up telemedicine centers in its facilities and building micro-tech-enabled-clinics targeting the masses and ultimately grow CarePoint’s portfolio beyond in-person visits.

The micro-clinics will have an estimate of 12 employees including a nurse and patients will consult with doctors virtually. These clinics are a way of democratizing healthcare access and taking quality healthcare closer to the people while making it affordable to them,” said CarePoint CEO Dr. Sangu Delle.

Moreover, the funds will be used to scale an emerging technology-driven healthcare system in Africa to address the large healthcare infrastructure gaps while capturing demographic shifts to transform Africa into the next frontier for healthcare and transform health outcomes.

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