UAE – Medical devices company CATHETRIX is set to commercially launch its upgraded catheter stabilizer for the prevention of urinary tract infections (UTIs) and accidental Foley catheter extractions at the Arab Health 2023.

CATHETRIX is an innovative catheter securement device company that develops and produces smart catheter fixations and delivers safety solutions for hospital and home care.

The innovative developer announced in a release that its Foley/Safe 2.0 is the first stabilizing and securing device that protects from accidental urinary catheter extraction by severing the catheter, deflating the retention balloon, and preventing damage to the bladder and urethra.

The Foley/Safe 2.0 device has been adjusted to the requirements of the medical system and is favored by surgeons and nurses in the fields of urology, geriatrics, orthopedics, and gynecology,” said the developer.

The Tel Aviv-based company pointed out that the latest version of its Foley safely prevents surgery and expensive hospitalization while confirming that it is developing a new advanced stabilizer for nephrostomy tubes.

The upgraded securement device enables a clear and swift cut of the Foley urethral catheter in cases of accidental catheter dislodgement and a smart, anti-slide mechanism that can last an unparalleled 14 days,” said CATHETRIX.

According to the devices firm, its advanced Foley has three protective layers including fixation, anti-slide smart mechanism and disconnection to prevent outside elements from being transferred to the urinary system and are exclusive to Foley/Safe 2.0.

The company explained that the first protective layer dubbed fixation is an adhesive patch that secures the catheter in place and prevents minor catheter movements from being transferred to the urinary system.

The anti-slide smart mechanism detects and absorbs minor catheter movements and prevents the catheter from being pulled. The anti-slide patch can last 14 days without replacement, lowering the risk of catheter-associated UTI,” underscored CATHETRIX.

The devices firm further said that when the pulling force is significant and dramatic, the advanced cutting mechanism is engaged smoothly in severing the catheter. As a result, the catheter retention balloon deflates enabling safe and easy removal.

CATETRIX will present the latest version of its Foley device at stand 5 in the Israel National Pavilion (Saeed Halls – SA, Booth H54) during the upcoming Arab Health expo taking place at the Dubai World Trade Centre from 30th January to 2nd February 2023.

The Arab Health show provides us with an excellent opportunity to commercially launch the world’s most stable Foley catheter,” said Tal Hadass, CMO at CATHETRIX.

Arab Health has an instrumental role in bringing together regional and international policy drivers, thought leaders, and healthcare professionals through trade and innovation.

The health event also provides a platform for the adoption of innovative new technologies and creating partnerships with leading hospitals and medical technology companies.

The highly developed healthcare system of the Arab Gulf can benefit from using the innovative Foley/Safe 2.0 to improve patient’s wellbeing while benefiting from additional protection layers.” Hadass added.

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