SAUDI ARABIA – Celularity Inc., a U.S.-based biotechnology company developing placental-derived allogenic cell therapies and biomaterial products, and CH Trading Group LLC have entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with the Tamer Group.

Under the strategic deal, the Tamer Group, a leading Middle East healthcare distribution company, will be the exclusive distributor for Celularity’s branded regenerative biomaterial products in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Celularity’s Halal-Certified regenerative biomaterial products will enable Tamer to realize its fundamental ambitions of contributing to personal wellness and public health while supporting Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 plan for healthcare innovation and development.

It is anticipated that Celularity’s suite of biomaterial products are to become available in Saudi Arabia in 2023 following receipt of approval from the Saudi Food and Drug Authority,” Tamer announced in a release.

Upon the Saudi approval, Tamer will become Celularity’s and CH Group’s local strategic partner for Celularity’s Lifebank business model for placenta and cord blood banking.

The healthcare distribution company is also expected to be Celularity’s and CH Group’s local strategic partner for a new Serum Banking business and future research and development collaborations.

In addition, the strategic collaboration will build on CH Trading Group’s ambitious goal to expand its global footprint into Saudi Arabia as it is a prime market for Celularity’s commercial regenerative biomaterial products.

CH Trading Group, an international import, export, and trading company, will distribute to more than 100 countries that are members of or associated with intergovernmental organizations including the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Gulf Cooperation Council, and African Union.

In a press release, Healthcare Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Tamer Group Dr. Yasser Khattab said: “We are looking forward to partnering with Celularity and CH Group on this exciting opportunity across Saudi Arabia.”

He pointed out that the tri-partnership deal will assist Tamer in providing unprecedented access to cutting-edge therapeutics to all members of the Saudi community.

On his part, Chairman of Celularity Robert J. Hariri, M.D., Ph.D. stated: “The agreement marks an important next step in Celularity’s Islamic Markets strategy.”

He confirmed that the biotechnology company aims to bring its innovative Halal-Certified – under globally recognized Circle H International Inc. standards – regenerative biomaterial products to treat degenerative disease into the Saudi Arabia market.

This is an important validation of our unique business model, which creates multiple cellular therapeutics, advanced biomaterials and derivatives from the single source material, and our proprietary manufacturing processes,” Dr. Hariri concluded.

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