UAE— Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, a member of the M42 network, has reinforced its vision to deliver world-class, multidisciplinary complex care by introducing over 20 innovative medical and surgical innovations in 2023.

These innovations will cover areas such as oncology, neurology, transplant, heart, vascular, and thoracic care. The clinic utilizes cutting-edge medical advances, technologies, and methodologies to enhance patient care.

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi combines innovation and cutting-edge medical breakthroughs, technology, and techniques to enhance patient outcomes by optimizing and tailoring treatments, minimizing side effects, and improving the patient experience.

To improve its complex care offerings, the hospital has implemented a number of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered technologies throughout its institutes.

The Transpara system at the Fatima bin Mubarak Center, the UAE’s first dedicated, integrated, and stand-alone cancer center, uses a sophisticated algorithm during breast cancer screenings to provide immediate feedback on areas of suspicion, improving cancer detection accuracy.

A robotic surgical system used for highly precise and minimally invasive surgeries, such as robot-assisted kidney transplants, provides benefits such as increased precision, reduced pain, minimal blood loss, smaller scars, shorter recovery times, lower risk of infection, fewer post-operative complications, and better clinical outcomes.

Dr. Jorge Guzman, CEO of Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, touched on the hospital’s vision to implement solutions at the forefront of medical innovation, citing technological advancements ranging from AI that can be used to customize treatment protocols to technologies that use genomic data to predict the most effective treatment course for each patient.

He went on to state that Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi is still committed to providing world-class complex care to their patients, which increasingly necessitates the use of cutting-edge equipment and skills.

He finished by noting that they are excited about the opportunity to display their innovative initiatives at Arab Health 2024 and are always looking for new ways to collaborate and develop with like-minded institutions.

In recent years, technological breakthroughs have ushered in some of the most long-term endeavors to improve global healthcare.

Emerging technologies such as generative AI, virtual and augmented reality, and predictive analytics are speeding up routine activities while improving the accuracy and effectiveness of healthcare interventions.

They are also boosting access to care and enabling the implementation of preventative health measures to shield communities from impending risks.

At Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, next-generation technologies are currently automating huge portions of healthcare delivery, improving operational efficiencies and patient safety.

The chemotherapy robot, which prepares patient-specific harmful doses, is an excellent illustration of this type of application.

The robotic surgical system provides the same benefits, in addition to facilitating delicate, difficult surgeries through small incisions and reducing patient recovery time.

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi also strives to form alliances with forward-thinking organizations to support advanced medical services and research.

Its cooperation with the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi resulted in the development of the region’s first Personalized Precision Medicine Program for Oncology.

The hospital has also partnered with Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI) to do additional research into the possibilities of AI-enabled healthcare as well as to develop the next generation of talent through mentorship and educational opportunities.

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s commitment to innovation also comes from within M42, in which M42 will release Med42 in 2023, an open-access generative AI Clinical Large Language Model with 70 billion parameters.

This cutting-edge technology has the potential to transform clinical decision-making by making synthesized medical knowledge more accessible to healthcare professionals, patients, and medical researchers.

These forward-thinking integrations are consistent with Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s technology-first philosophy, demonstrating the organization’s proactive approach to using cutting-edge technology.

The hospital hopes to improve overall health outcomes by stressing innovation in patient care.

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi was chosen as a key partner for the Arab Health Exhibition and Conference 2024 due to its extensive experience in leading futuristic technology solutions.

They also played an important role in designing the first-of-its-kind Smart Hospital and Interoperability Zone, which showcased the next generation of healthcare to visitors.

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