NIGERIA – CribMD, a Nigerian healthtech startup, has announced its acquisition of Charisland Pharmaceuticals Group to ensure fast and efficient drug deliveries to its customers across Nigeria.

Charisland Pharmaceuticals Group was founded nine years ago and has a presence in major Nigerian cities.

With the Group’s decision to exit the Nigerian market and expand into Canada, CribMD’s acquisition of the pharmaceutical chain, as opposed to building a solution in-house, will see it leverage the company’s vast network of pharmacies to deliver drugs faster to their subscribers.

The acquisition comes on the heels of CribMD’s US$2.6 million seed round in May 2021, which the startup says was oversubscribed.

According to CribMD’s CEO, Ifeanyi Ossai, users would not need to wait two days for the delivery of their medications. Now, it can be sent to their homes, offices, or hotels in as little as one hour.

Before the acquisition, CribMD dispensed drugs from pharmacies that they own. However, with the acquisition of Charisland, the startup is set to bank on the group’s wide network of pharmacies to serve subscribers.

As part of the sale, the startup will assimilate Charisland Pharmaceuticals Group’s staff and hiring more to build out its operations.

Speaking on the choice of Charisland Pharmaceuticals Group, Ossai reveals that the group’s commitment to excellence was a decisive factor.

“They are a well-respected brand in the country and have served the communities where they operate with excellence, and we are glad to pick up the next part of the race,” he says.

Founded in June 2020 by Ossai, Ngiri Michael, and Lorna Mae Johnson, CribMD allows patients, with a subscription plan ranging between US$7 and US$50 monthly, to request doctors for house calls or consultation via telemedicine.

With a presence in every Nigerian state, CribMD also offers insurance services for individuals and corporations.

Following its US$2.6 million seed raise earlier in the year, Ossai confirms to Techpoint Africa that this is the first in a series of acquisitions that the company plans to make.

“Fast expansion and acquisitions are part of what we’re using our funding to do in order to drive value for subscribers and stakeholders,” Ossai explains.

The World Health Organization’s recommended doctor to patient ratio is 1:600, and Nigeria is a long way off at 1:2,753.

With the government struggling to make up this deficit, healthtech   startups have sprung up to solve the problem, and CribMD is one such solution.