Daewoong pharmaceutical unveils AI-driven drug development system 

Daewoong pharmaceutical unveils AI-driven drug development system 

SOUTH KOREA— Publicly listed pharmaceutical company,  Daewoong Pharmaceutical has recently unveiled its AI-driven drug development system, leveraging a vast database of hundreds of millions of pre-processed compounds. 

At the core of Daewoong’s innovative approach is the Daewoong Advanced Virtual Database (DAVID), housing an impressive 800 million compounds accumulated over four decades of rigorous research. 

These compounds undergo meticulous pre-processing to ensure their suitability for AI-driven drug discovery. 

DAVID, coupled with Daewoong’s AI-based Virtual Screening (AIVS) tool, empowers researchers to swiftly identify active substances targeting specific proteins, thereby accelerating the drug development process significantly. 

The fusion of DAVID and AIVS has given rise to Daisy (Daewoong AI System), a web-based platform facilitating drug property prediction and ADMET (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion, and Toxicity) research. 

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Daisy not only expedites compound discovery but also streamlines the entire drug development lifecycle, from preclinical research to commercialization. 

The integration of AI into drug discovery holds immense potential for reducing the time and resources needed to bring new medications to market. 

Daewoong’s AI-driven system has already showcased its effectiveness in identifying active substances for weight loss, diabetes treatment, and cancer cell inhibition in significantly shorter timeframes compared to traditional methods. 

By harnessing AI to unearth and develop new drug candidates, Daewoong is not only bolstering its research capabilities but also contributing to advancements in global healthcare. 

Daewoong Pharmaceutical joins other industry leaders such as Boehringer Ingelheim, AstraZeneca, and Pfizer in embracing AI-driven drug discovery, signaling a broader industry shift towards more efficient and innovative research methodologies. 

Despite the competitive landscape, Daewoong’s extensive database and advanced AI tools position the company as a formidable contender in the quest to develop novel drugs. 

The company’s decision to name its database DAVID, reminiscent of the biblical figure who defeated Goliath, underscores its ambition to rival and potentially surpass larger global counterparts. 

This metaphor underscores Daewoong’s dedication to leveraging AI as a potent tool in overcoming the challenges of drug development and achieving breakthroughs in medical science.  

Looking forward, Daewoong envisions broadening the utilization of AI across every phase of drug development, with the goal of further minimizing research trial and error, expediting safety evaluations, and shortening the overall timeline for bringing new drugs to market.  

This holistic approach to integrating AI represents a significant advancement in the pharmaceutical industry’s quest to optimize drug discovery and development processes. 

Park Jun-Seok, the director of Daewoong’s New Drug Discovery Center, underscored the transformative potential of AI in drug development, likening the search for new drug candidates to exploring the vast expanse of the universe. 

He expressed unwavering confidence in AI technology’s ability to enable the discovery of a multitude of novel drug candidates, thus making a substantial contribution to human health and well-being.  

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