INDIA – Genomics research and diagnostics company MedGenome Labs has unveiled the-first-of-its-kind Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy Type 1 (FSHD1) genetic screening test in India.

Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy is a common form of muscular dystrophy with an extremely complex genotype and the progressive myopathy accounts for nearly 3% of all muscular dystrophy cases in India.

MedGenome Labs has expanded its rare disease products portfolio with the launch of the ground-breaking genetic test that will enable people with FSHD1 in India to receive early diagnoses and personalized treatment plans.

In an official statement, the Bengaluru-based diagnostic firm said: “The FSHD1 Optical Genome Mapping Test (OGM) is a highly advanced diagnostic tool that uses cutting-edge technology to provide a comprehensive and accurate assessment of genetic changes in patients with FSHD1.”

To aid in the clinical decision-making process, the novel genetic test detects large-scale insertions and duplications, as well as multiple subtle changes in DNA that can cause FSHD1.

As a company dedicated to improving patient care through genetics, we are thrilled to be the first in India to offer the Optical Genome Mapping Test for FSHD1,” said Dr. Vedam Ramprasad, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MedGenome Labs for the India business.

MedGenome Labs offers a new treatment option for patients with FSHD1 and their physicians in India amid ongoing clinical trials, marking a major milestone in the diagnosis and management of the rare disease across the country.

The launch of the first-ever FSHD1 test aligns with the company’s mission to provide the highest quality genetic testing services to clinicians and healthcare providers across the country.

The Bangalore-based high-end diagnostics services company uses DNA sequencing to conduct clinical genetic testing of complex diseases related to oncology, cardiology and ophthalmology among others.

its genomic sequencing capabilities and powerful interpretation provides actionable insights to clinicians allowing them to adopt precision medicine in their practice.

Moreover, MedGenome Labs also launched Natera’s Panorama Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT) to further extend its current offering of over 100 genetic tests across multiple disease areas.

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