QATAR – Doha Festival City has tied up with Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Ambulance Service to enhance access to emergency medical treatment in the State of Qatar.

The duo has jointly launched the ‘Know the 5 to Save a Life’ campaign specifically targeting the entire population of Qatar, including residents, visitors, medical professionals, and academics.

The main objective of the national awareness campaign is to educate the general public on the crucial actions to take when calling an ambulance in an emergency.

From September 27, 2023, until September 30, 2023, visitors can explore the Atrium Node at Doha Festival City to gain vital knowledge on how to respond during medical emergencies.

In a public-facing document, Robert Hall, Doha Festival City’s General Manager, said: “Our alliance with Hamad Medical Corporation embodies our mutual aspiration for a knowledgeable and health-conscious community.”

The ‘Know the 5 to Save a Life’ campaign accentuates the immediate necessity to dial 999 during emergencies and the importance of providing accurate location details for prompt ambulance services.

The campaign puts a special emphasis on the criticality of answering all questions to aid proper assessment and dispatching of help and the significance of following instructions from the operators until help arrives.

Additionally, visitors will have the opportunity to gain valuable insights into the essentiality of giving way to ambulances to ensure they reach their destinations promptly.

The ‘Know the 5 to Save a Life’ campaign seeks to instill confidence and knowledge during medical emergencies, and equally important, foster community cooperation to ensure optimal health outcomes.

By disseminating essential information, we empower our community to act promptly and effectively in emergencies,” emphasized Robert Hall.

The launch of the ‘Know the 5 to Save a Life’ campaign is in complete harmony with the Doha Festival City’s dedication to contribute to the welfare of the community it caters to.

This initiative is an extension of the advancements achieved by the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program of Doha Festival City, operating under the name “FestivalCares”.

FestivalCares CSR program is a powerful initiative dedicated to cultivating meaningful connections with the mall’s stakeholders as well as local authorities, communities, and non-profit organizations.

Doha Festival City remains at the forefront of community-centric initiatives, continually striving to be a beacon of knowledge, support, and collaboration for all its visitors and the broader community.

By partnering with HMC’s Ambulance Service, Doha Festival City underscores its commitment to community safety and well-being through timely and efficient emergency response services.

In his address, Mr. Ali Darwish, the Assistant Executive Director of Emergency and Scheduled Ambulance Service for HMC Ambulance Service, said: “I am grateful to Doha Festival City for supporting our campaign to disseminate vital information to the people of Qatar. The mall has consistently demonstrated a steadfast commitment to prioritizing the health of Qatar’s citizens.”

The Ambulance Service operated by Hamad Medical Corporation is Qatar’s national medical emergency services group.

HMC’s Ambulance Service provides a wide range of responsive solutions to serious life-threatening incidents, patient transports, mobile healthcare, and emergency booking management.

HMC professionals are currently present at the Atrium Node at Doha Festival City to educate and empower the community on emergency care.

In another significant collaboration, Hamad Medical Corporation and Doha Festival City joined forces to promote public awareness about the life-saving impact of organ donation and its crucial role in transforming lives.

The organ donation awareness campaign focused on how a single act can save a life, and significantly improve the recipient’s wellbeing.

Through this collaboration, Doha Festival City and Hamad Medical Corporation jointly unveiled various organ donation awareness activities to encourage people to register as donors.

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