Dolbey introduces new AI Technology to drive healthcare workflow automation 

Dolbey introduces new AI Technology to drive healthcare workflow automation 

USA — Dolbey a developer of dictation, transcription, speech recognition, and coding products for healthcare, has announced new product, AI Assist, as part of an expansion of their Fusion Narrate platform powered by nVoq.  

This new tool leverages generative AI to revolutionize healthcare workflow automation, marking a step forward in both speech recognition and automation technology. 

AI Assist empowers healthcare providers with secure and HIPAA-compliant access to cutting-edge AI, streamlining their workflows by automating previously time-consuming tasks.  

It offers text analysis, summarization, and generation capabilities, allowing providers to automatically generate suggested impressions and recommendations, create concise reports with bulleted or numbered lists and improve the completeness of medical documentation. 

Additionaly, the product will help to suggest relevant ICD-10 billing codes as well as to build custom AI-driven workflows using the Fusion Narrate shortcut builder. 

“We are committed to leveraging cutting-edge AI technology to enhance patient care and drive unprecedented productivity advancements,” stated Curtis Weeks, Dolbey’s VP of Product Development. “The positive response from early adopters underscores our commitment to innovation and excellence in the healthcare sector.” 

Dolbey showcased AI Assist at the ViVE digital health conference held February 25th-28th at the Los Angeles Convention Center. 

Novity secures funds for predictive mantainance tech 

Elsewhere, Novity, a provider of the groundbreaking TruPrognostics AI, has secured US$7.8 million in funding to accelerate its mission of predicting equipment failures with an impressive 85% accuracy. 

This unique AI solution combines machine learning with physics-based models, offering a significant leap forward compared to traditional predictive maintenance approaches. 

 Fortune 1000 companies which have already implemented the solution, are reportedly reaping the benefits which include reduced downtime, lower maintenance costs, and smoother operations across various sectors like manufacturing, oil & gas, and chemicals. 

“This investment validates our approach to truly predictive maintenance,” says Novity CEO Markus Larsson. “With results exceeding 85% accuracy, we’re empowering clients to operate more efficiently and cleanly.” 

Novity’s journey began in 2022 as a spin-off from Xerox PARC and is now attracting major investors like WERU Investment, Myriad Venture Partners, and METAWATER.  

“Novity’s technology holds immense value for various industries,” states Tadashi Takiguchi of WERU Investment. “We’re excited to support them in bringing this new era of operational technology to the forefront.” 

Novity’s success in the energy sector is paving the way for expansion as there are plans to leverage their funding and partnerships to bring their AI-powered solution to wider markets like chemicals, manufacturing, and water/environmental sectors. 

This investment fuels Novity’s mission to revolutionize industrial maintenance. With its highly accurate AI solution, Novity promises to save companies money, improve efficiency, and contribute to a more sustainable future. 

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