INDIA – Dr. Lal PathLabs and Ibex Medical Analytics have announced the first deployment in India of an AI platform, Galen, that assists pathologists during routine cancer diagnosis and aids in the improvement of cancer test quality and turnaround time.

Pathologists play an important role in disease detection and diagnosis, and their assessments are critical in guiding oncologists to the best treatment options.

However, as cancer prevalence has increased and personalized medicine has advanced, diagnostic complexity has increased, significantly increasing pathologists’ workloads.

Pathologists can now use AI-enhanced workflows to improve the quality and efficiency of cancer diagnosis, resulting in better patient care as pathology labs transition to digital solutions.

Ibex’s AI technology and Philips’ IntelliSite pathology solution both performed admirably in multiple clinical studies and live clinical deployments in Europe and the United States.

According to the partners, this collaboration represents a continuation of the search for the most innovative products that benefit patients and doctors.

The Galen platform from Ibex assists pathologists in improving the quality of cancer diagnosis, implementing real-time quality control, reducing diagnosis time, and increasing productivity.

The platform recently received FDA Breakthrough Device Designation and is CE marked in Europe for breast and prostate cancer detection in multiple workflows.

Galen has already demonstrated outstanding results in clinical studies and has been deployed in labs around the world where it is used in routine clinical practice.

With the addition of Ibex’s Galen platform, pathologists at Dr Lal Pathlabs can benefit from clinical-grade AI insights on multiple types of tissues, enabling high-quality prognosis to be delivered in shorter turnaround times.

Ibex’s AI generation and Philips’ IntelliSite pathology solution have demonstrated spectacular results in more than one scientific study and are currently in use in scientific deployments in Europe and the United States and have been licensed for scientific use.

By incorporating an ‘AI review,’ this cutting-edge AI technology will assist pathologists in quickly prioritizing urgent cases while also improving quality.

These AI-generated insights include cancer heatmaps, tumor grading and measurement, and streamlined reporting tools, allowing the oncopathologist to receive digital assistance.

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