UAE – Dubai Down Syndrome Center (DDSC) has reopened after a temporary shutdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak concerns.

The long-awaited reopening of the Dubai Down Syndrome Center provides individuals with Down Syndrome and their families an opportunity to visit this unique and special learning facility.

In an official note, Zoya Belyaeva, Center Manager of Dubai Down Syndrome Center, said: “DDSC will continue to provide personalized educational programs, foster a sense of belonging, encourage social and independent behaviors, and advocate for the rights and inclusion of special individuals in our society.”

Dubai Down Syndrome Center has now opened its doors again to meet the needs of patients and their families, showing the Center’s continued success in the United Arab Emirates

A temporary closure of the facility was mandated due to COVID-19 safety concerns that caused unprecedented social and economic disruption around the globe.

On her part, Zoya Belyaeva: “The past year and a half have been challenging. However, we are emerging from it stronger and more determined than ever to make a positive impact in the lives of individuals with Down syndrome.”

With COVID-19 restrictions easing up, Dubai Down Syndrome Center relaunched at Mirdif 35 shopping mall in the heart of one of Dubai’s fastest-growing communities.

Dubai Down Syndrome Center celebrated its grand re-opening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony that brought together families of the local community with the Center’s team of skilled special needs education experts.

It is a Humanitarian Public Benefit Association accredited by the Ministry of Community Development in 2006 to serve people with Down Syndrome from birth, and for all ages and nationalities.

The Centre’s team comprises occupational and speech therapists and teachers specializing in art, music, drama, and physical education for a holistic approach.

The entire team is committed to creating a nurturing, holistic environment to help children develop their full potential, gain essential life skills, and become active contributors to their communities.

Moreover, DDSC offers children aged five to 18 years a safe environment where they can learn more about life, and improve their social skills all while gaining more independence.

Students can enjoy different sports, including aerobics, ball activities, recreation, swimming, and horse riding, as well as take part in drama, cooking classes, and various creative sessions.

By focusing on independence, life and social skills, confidence, and self-esteem, Dubai Down Syndrome Center aims to be a place where students can explore, create, and express themselves.

As DDSC reopens its doors, the entire team promises to create a world where individuals with Down syndrome are celebrated for their unique abilities and contributions,” stated Zoya Belyaeva.

All vital services at the Dubai Down Syndrome Center are anticipated to resume in the coming days, bringing back a healthy and safe learning environment for students aged 13 and over.

The reopening is a manifestation of the vision of Dubai Down Syndrome Center to empower individuals with Down syndrome and encourage them to flourish and lead fulfilled lives.

Expressing her enthusiasm about the Center’s reopening, Zoya Belyaeva asserted: “We are super excited to welcome back our incredible students and families. We extend our unwavering commitment and support to those who rely on our services.”

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