UAE – Dubai Science Park, a member of TECOM Group PJSC, has officially launched an interactive awareness campaign to educate residents on the importance of regular screenings to detect the early warning signs of colon cancer and save lives.

Colorectal cancer has emerged as the second-leading cause of death in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), accounting for 8.9% of total cancer-related deaths.

Colorectal screening is a critical step in identifying and treating polyps that may lead to developing colorectal cancer.

Through the awareness campaign, Dubai Science Park will highlight the simple, yet vital, medical detection tools for residents to check for colorectal polyps regularly.

Dubai Science Park is part of TECOM Group’s portfolio of business districts that include Dubai Internet City, Dubai Knowledge Park, and Dubai Industrial City, just to name a few.

TECOM Group, formerly known as TECOM Investments, is part of the UAE government-owned company, Dubai Holding.

Backed by the TECOM Group, the awareness campaign about colorectal screening under the slogan ‘Stools Saves Lives’ draws the UAE residents’ attention to lifesaving colon cancer screening options.

Sitting stools with clever punchlines will be placed across TECOM Group business parks, urging people to get tested for colon cancer, which is highly treatable.

Visitors can scan QR codes on the stool to register for free consultations and get 50% off testing, sponsored by Neuro Spinal Hospital, through its next-generation facility at the Dubai Science Park.

Neuro Spinal Hospital will offer a variety of cutting-edge colorectal cancer detection tools to promote early detection and prevention.

Additionally, Dubai Science Park urged visitors to use the hashtag #BeatColonCancer to help increase colon cancer awareness among their family and friends.

This move aligns with ongoing efforts by Dubai Science Park to create a global ecosystem dedicated to players across the pharma, health, and wellness sectors.

In addition to promoting healthcare, the colon cancer awareness campaign targeting residents in the UAE will play a crucial role in cementing Dubai’s position as a global medical hub.

The launch of the ‘Stools Saves Lives’ campaign follows AstraZeneca’s plans to construct sustainable offices at Dubai Science Park as part of the biopharmaceutical giant’s global green agenda.

In February 2023, Innovate Life Sciences Lab launched its new genomics testing laboratory at the Dubai Science Park that will use artificial intelligence to advance precision medicine.

The lab will pave the way for Dubai’s rise in the fast-growing biology field with the potential to help personalize each patient’s medical journey using their genetic profile to detect, prevent or treat rare conditions.

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