UAE – Health tech start-up meta[bolic] has launched an ultramodern direct-to-consumer medicated weight management program dubbed ‘Zone.Health’ to helps its members identify and manage the biological blockers that prevent them from losing weight.

meta[bolic] is a hybrid digital therapeutics company that tackles the global metabolic health crisis head-on from a first-principles basis and synthesizes the human and machine in the pursuit of enduring behaviour change and lasting outcomes.

The Dubai-based company Zone announced that its unique weight loss program combines personalized metabolic data with a ‘clinic-in-the-cloud’ model, noting that it is powered by meta[bolic]’s Continuous Metabolic Monitoring data analytic platform.

Zone guides members on a six-month programme. It includes a virtual physician meeting, followed by an onboarding visit from the nursing team at the member’s home or office, where a blood sample is collected, and wearables are connected,” meta[bloc] informed in a statement.

The healthtech startup explained that a dedicated dietitian and coach set out key goals and an initial observation period, known as Continuous Metabolic Monitoring, to look at the cause and effect of personal choices of nutrition, sleep and exercise on glycemic variability.

In addition, medications are introduced in the next phase, with medication titration happening in real time, depending on the results.

The members’ zone. health care team comprises an endocrinologist, dietitian, and coach, who monitor, engage and provide continuous feedback to members through the zone. health app,” disclosed the digital therapeutics company.

According to meta[bolic], the holistic approach of personal data monitoring and precision medication improves metabolic health and achieves sustainable weight loss quickly and safely.

The futuristic health program seeks to promote weight management as a critical issue across most Gulf Cooperation Council countries (GCC) at a time when GCC members consistently rank among the most obese countries on earth.

The Zone multidisciplinary team helps patients reach sustainable weight loss results over a six-month period through a combination of doctor-prescribed FDA-approved medication, wearables that provide digital biomarkers, and behavioural modification,” said Ali Hashemi, Co-Founder of meta[bolic].

In a press release, he underscored that Zone Health’s pre-launch clinical study with its members showed that, on average, a person who follows the complete program loses 10% or more of their body weight over six months.

This is the second offering from meta[bolic] after launching GluCare.Health two years ago, a hybrid digital therapeutics company focused on diabetes. The results and clinical outcomes that GluCare.Health has delivered are vastly superior to regular episodic diabetes care.” Hashemi added.

At the same time, Dr. Ihsan Almarzooqi, Co-founder of meta[bolic], said that they built Zone based on the same principles of value-based medicine that has earned GluCare.Health global recognition as a disruptive platform.

Our proprietary Continuous Metabolic Monitoring platform unlocks a data-driven, hyper-personalized approach to tackling obesity. This is a far more effective and sustainable way to reduce weight, as evidenced by our pre-launch clinical study,” he stated.

Dr. Almarzooqi stressed that beyond providing general lifestyle modification advice when prescribing these medications, healthcare providers do not currently track their patients’ health, nor do they have any data on their patients’ weight loss journey until the next physical visit.

We believe this to be the future of medicated weight loss. Our north star of engendering sustainable lifestyle change is strongly linked to patient outcomes and allows our incentives to remain fully aligned with our patients.” he concluded.

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