EASE Healthcare Program reshapes equipment acquisition in Africa

EASE Healthcare Program reshapes equipment acquisition in Africa

SOUTH AFRICA—African Asset Finance Company (AAFC), headquartered in New York, USA with regional offices throughout Africa, has announced the extension of its pioneering EASE (Equipment-as-a-Service) Healthcare program in Southern Africa.

Through AAFC group and portfolio companies, partnerships, and investments, AAFC bridges the gap between capital markets with ample liquidity and emerging markets in need of solutions for equipment, equipment-as-a-service, equipment leasing, asset-backed lending, and (clean) energy and infrastructure financing in Africa.

The EASE healthcare program provides high-quality healthcare to businesses and organizations throughout Africa, allowing them to pay for the usage of the equipment with the cashflows generated by the equipment itself.

This program targets and alleviates the need for capital investment in equipment, contributes to the circular economy, and allows customers to focus on the total cost of ownership and quality rather than the initial cash outlay.

Their pay-per-use strategy includes maintenance, operator training, and continuous support, making it not only more cost-effective than alternatives but also ensuring service dependability, equipment longevity, and optimal utilisation.

EASE helps speed economic development and growth by making equipment available in a more accessible format than traditional financing, creating jobs, and increasing living conditions along the way.

This announcement follows the establishment of its subsidiary in Johannesburg, EASE South Africa (Pty) Limited, as AAFC marks an important step in EASE’s geographic footprint with the Southern Africa regional growth, which follows earlier launches last year in Ghana and Nigeria.

Kanyinsola Oyeyinka, VP of Healthcare, AAFC COO Imraan Soomra, and Daniel Doetz, Business Development Manager for EASE Healthcare in South Africa, attended the launch.

Speaking during the launch, Oyeyinka stated that the demand for health services is increasing year after year and that the opening of EASE South Africa represents a major milestone in healthcare practice.

He went on to note that the high demand from rapidly expanding medical facilities in Southern Africa for access to cutting-edge technology on flexible terms will allow them to expand their offering of services without dipping into equity or credit

Soomra, for his part, stated that the EASE Healthcare program is an important component of the larger EASE programs, allowing clients to acquire equipment on terms that suit their circumstances and business needs.

He expressed hope and pride that equipment-as-a-service is poised to permanently revolutionize enterprises’ approaches to equipment acquisition in emerging economies and that this transition will be championed by EASE.

Doetz expressed hope that the implementation of a pay-per-scan approach in Southern Africa will provide a chance to enhance access to healthcare in the region.

According to him, his team will work closely with healthcare institutions to develop service programs that connect patient flows, payments, and reimbursements, resulting in a win-win situation for patients and the hospital.

EASE South Africa will first focus on delivering advanced diagnostic and imaging equipment to healthcare facilities, such as CT, MRI, and nuclear medicine scanners.

The team will also harness EASE’s broad OEM partner network to provide customers with cutting-edge equipment that satisfies business requirements.

The extension of EASE Healthcare to Southern Africa demonstrates AAFC’s commitment to improving health outcomes and overcoming significant problems confronting African healthcare systems.

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