EGYPT—The Ministry of Economic Planning, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Population, has launched a new service that sends congratulatory text messages to parents of newborns through the integrated health office services system, effective April 1, 2024.

The initiative aims to educate parents about the critical importance of timely vaccinations for their children, emphasizing the administration of routine vaccinations within 48 hours of the scheduled date and guiding them to the nearest health facility for necessary doses.

The initiative targets all newborns in Egypt, as well as non-Egyptians residing within Egyptian territories.

It aims to raise awareness about the importance of vaccinations against diseases such as polio, tuberculosis, Hepatitis B, neonatal tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, bacterial influenza B, measles, German measles, and mumps.

Speaking during the launch, H.E. Dr. Hala El Said, Minister of Economic Planning, underscored the joint effort between the Ministries of Planning and Health, emphasizing the primary goal of improving the quality of healthcare services for citizens.

She went on to highlight the government’s focus on newborn health, stressing the significance of awareness in promoting a healthy generation.

On his part, Mr. Ashraf Abdel Hafeez, Assistant Minister of Economic Planning for Digital Transformation and Information Infrastructure, and Executive Director of the National Information Infrastructure Center for the Egyptian Planning System, elaborated on the Ministry of Planning’s commitment to digital transformation initiatives and supporting Egypt’s healthcare system development.

He pointed out that utilizing innovative methods and diverse channels to enhance service efficiency.

Dr. Amr Qandil, Assistant Minister of Health for Preventive Medicine, emphasized the pivotal role of the service in ensuring all children receive routine vaccinations, crucial for protecting against infectious diseases and preserving future generations’ health.

Dr. Ashraf Abdel Aleem, Assistant Minister of Health for Digital Transformation, was also keen in highlighting the service’s significance as a vital tool for efficiently delivering healthcare services and ensuring easy access for citizens.

He reiterated the Ministry of Health’s dedication to improving electronic healthcare services and making them user-friendly.

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