EGYPT – Egypt-based health tech O7 Therapy, a refined, scientific, and evidence-based online platform has raised a US$2.1 million seed round to accelerate growth.

The latest seed funding round was led by Hikma Ventures, with the participation of C-Ventures, Lotus Ventures, alongside angel investors.

The funds will be used to promote mental health and wellness, assist in addressing various difficulties, and advocate for mental health and wellness.

The fund will also enable the platform’s growth across the Middle East and launch new product features and developments while also expanding its client base.

Founded in 2019, O7 Therapy is a technology-enabled platform with a network of bilingual psychiatrists and psychotherapists to help clients overcome mental health difficulties.

The startup is run by serial entrepreneur and CEO Ashraf Bacheet, along with Co-Founders Dr. Ashraf Adel, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Founder of nine psychology, and Nader Iskander, digital entrepreneur and Chairman of EME International

Together they have collaborated to create a platform that guides clients through a technology-enabled therapeutic journey while also ensuring client confidentiality and safety through trusted methods for data encryption and storage in a user-friendly framework.

Everyone deserves convenient and, more importantly, personalized trustworthy access to premium mental wellness services. This is what drives us to do what we do,” said CEO and co-founder; Ashraf Bacheet.

The start-up’s investment in mental well-being improves the lives of individuals in all areas of life, student, work, home, family, friends, and even physical health.

Mental well-being in turn improves the performance of entrepreneurs, SMEs, corporate and government employees, positively affecting countries economically.

The human mind is among the most vital parts because it governs all of the body’s functions. Mental health is critical to a person’s entire well-being and health.

It is beneficial to a firm and its employees to ensure that they are mentally healthy at work and in all parts of their lives.

People nowadays are looking for places where they can receive therapy while maintaining their anonymity. Mental well-being may now be accomplished in all aspects of life, thanks to platforms like 07 Therapy.

The startup offers Employee Wellness Programs for businesses that are delivered through a distinctive B2B2E methodology that prioritizes the effect of mental health difficulties in the workplace.

 The program concentrates on increasing knowledge and awareness, establishing safe and supportive environments, and implementing mental wellbeing initiatives.

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