EGYPT – Doxx, an Egypt-based healthcare startup, has raised US$1.5 million in seed round and plans to expand to close the loop on patients’ requirements while becoming the preferred app for doctors and patients.

Following the seed funding led by VC Openner and Elevate, the start-up has launched first fully integrated digital platform in the MENA region connecting medical professionals and institutional healthcare providers including pharmacies, labs, scans, and insurance companies.

Led by doctors and other healthcare and pharmacy professionals, Doxx is a patient-centric application that focuses on empowering patients to take control of their medical records.

It also helps patients lead healthier lifestyles, and find the right medical care required through a network of fully integrated service providers.


Driven by its core message of empowering patients, Doxx has successfully acquired 2600 doctors, 18 Polyclinics, 52 pharmacies, 26 medical labs, and 10 scan centers in the past four months.

Operating in its Cairo-based office, Doxx is seeking to increase value-added services, which currently include home nursing, polyclinic visits, home visits, and in-clinic visits.

The health-tech start-up also has several signature initiatives that target older patients requiring teleconsultation around the clock, home nursing, at-home doctors’ visits, and the needs of chronic patients’ care.

Doxx also allows medication delivery and other services through an application and is set to expand in the next few months to cover several governorates outside the greater Cairo region.

The app also works on providing competitive prices for medications through its vast network of pharmaceutical partners.

As medical professionals and doctors, it has always been our vision to be able to track our patients’ medical history and files, it is essential to be able to diagnose and prescribe the correct treatment,” said Heba Saher Hashem, Consultant of Neurology and Doxx Investor.

“At Doxx, patients’ records are easily accessible as well as medical prescriptions and doctor’s appointments in several fields, this is why Doxx is backed by Egyptian doctors who truly believe that with the right tools, Egypt will be able to transform its healthcare system.”

The start-up’s expansion plans align with its investors’ goal of elevating access to quality healthcare in Egypt and Sub-Saharan Africa.

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