EGYPT – The Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) has signed a cooperation protocol with Sanofi, a French multinational pharmaceutical company headquartered in Paris.

In related news, the Ministry of Health and Population has signed another cooperation protocol with the Athena Investment Group.

The Egyptian health ministry and the Athena Investment Group will work out ways for joint investment in the establishment of environment-friendly healthcare facilities in Egypt.

The health ministry and the Athena Investment Group will also explore ways to jointly invest in training for Egyptian doctors and establishing medical schools in Egypt.

Comparably, Egypt’s MoHP has tied up with Sanofi to bolster the government’s efforts in reducing genetic diseases through organizing awareness campaigns on social media.

In a press release, Dr. Ahmed Hegazy, General Manager of Sanofi Specialty Care, said: “As a leading healthcare company with over 60 years of presence in the Egyptian market, our mission is to cater to the needs of patients.”

The cooperation protocol aims to enhance public awareness, foster behavioral changes, and promote knowledge about rare genetic conditions.

Building on current work, an extensive training program is being developed under the guidance of the Ministry of Health and Population.

The MoHP-led initiative targets medical teams working in centers specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of hereditary diseases, as well as neonatal critical care departments nationwide.

The primary goal of this extensive training program is to refine their skills, bolster their scientific knowledge, and equally important, enhance their ability to provide diagnostic and treatment services for hereditary diseases.

Consequently, the partnership between Egypt’s MoHP and Sanofi is crucial to revolutionizing the field of early diagnosis and treatment of patients with rare genetic conditions in the country.

Sanofi’s commitment extends beyond producing high-quality medicines; we are dedicated to supporting health authorities, physicians, and patients to achieve more accurate diagnoses and provide improved healthcare, especially for rare diseases,” stated Dr. Hegazy.

The cooperation protocol was signed by Dr. Wael Abdel-Razek, on behalf of the Ministry of Health and Population, and Dr. Ahmed Hegazy, General Manager of Sanofi Specialty Care, on behalf of Sanofi.

The two sides signed the protocol on the sidelines of the inaugural Global Congress on Population, Health, and Development (PHDC’23) held in Cairo.

Under the Auspices of His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and the Ministry of Health and Population, PHDC’23 brought together experts, policymakers, researchers, and practitioners from around the globe.

PHDC’23 provided a unique opportunity for key healthcare stakeholders to explore the dynamic inter-dependability between population, health, and development.

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